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  1. You people are so ungrateful. Give you more gold KPKB. Don't give you gold KPKB. All go get corona please.
  2. Most likely need to wait till server MT for them to fix. In the mean time, play something else :)
  3. Whats wrong with salvaging it for gem fragment? Also, what has it got to do with afk? :D
  4. I do agreed with some of the comments here and there and would like to provide my view - coming from a new player and a returning player. 1. I started playing BNS during beta and left when Naryu Foundry was released. The 40 dailies were very time consuming but both the soulstones and moonstones were easy to farm. The upgrade progression for weapon, and accessories were easy to understand. It is one straight path and if you keep playing the game, and do not stop farming, you will be able to see the light. 2. Picture this, when i came back, just two months ago (May 2020); my
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