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  1. No one is interested in making a petition to push them in making this a priority?
  2. Helpless Call upon AZERTY users to check and upvote this matter : Bug Summary: First row of azerty keyboard calls wrong keys when assigned to skills Reproduction steps: 1. by default, the bound keys are 1 through 0 in game, but the first row of skills does not trigger the said skills when clicking on the assigned button. 2. in attempt to rebind the key in the key binding settings, the keyboard calls wrong keys : for example pressing button 1 on keyboard to bind skillbar 1 to 1 gives the key UP arrow instead and so on. 3. All keys work fine in the chatbox. Attachm
  3. Ever since launch of UE4, many people have been having issue with binding keys on AZERTY keyboards which was never been fixed. i wonder why? This is a post to call upon all people having the issue to help upvote this and address the matter as criticaly important for gameplay. The issue is unfold like this : Impossible to bind the 1st row of this keyboard to skills whilst works fine in chat. Here is what that keyboard looks like : Bug Summary: First row of azerty keyboard calls wrong keys when assigned to skills Reproduction steps: 1. by default, the bound keys are 1 throug
  4. Hello dear, indeed it is a LOST hope. i am very sorry to inform you that ... AZERTY keyboard users has never been fixed neither and there were many posts for it. Keyboard keys are : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b9/KB_France.svg/1920px-KB_France.svg.png where the first works only in chat, but not to skill binding. which was never an issue in UE3
  5. Always have been faithful to fire. the signature specialization to that class ♥ What is the new rotation for the changes on Fire FM. i mean i searched on the forum and official news. All class changes are insufficient / unclear to all changes. any reliable webs - don't tell me discord - or sheets of accurate changes?
  6. Issue Fixed @Hime You can close this thread
  7. it is a global issue for everyone and @Amane i disagree, they gave the ring / earring accessories in the mail to those who had reached it and got 2 specs stage 10, no 3rd spec. no dual blade. Hopefully they do the same for this next maintenance. @Hime
  8. Same here, but i do not think it is going to be fixed. it is a minor issue like f4 connected/disconnected people where server fails to give the feedback most of times. Also the stutter can be due to Particle effects
  9. TOTALLY agreed. GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE. there are WAY more important things to look at than looking at an anti cheat system. jut disable the use of Cheat Engine, and fix the Jumping thingy like you once did before, and take a look at those QoL . i mean you WERE able to reduce the cast time of windstride, i don't see a problem in making the rest of QoL. If rebinding becomes a no no for example, more than half of players will quit. Brood chamber loading screen was fixed, so were those of skybreak spire. but the new dungeon has a totally useless loading screen behind the 1st mini Spider boss,mean
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