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  1. [Dreamcloud] A casual clan looking for new friends.

    Hey! do we have a Discord? i want in :-D NexusBlack Lyn BD 48
  2. LF Friends and Fun

    hit me up ingame
  3. LF Friends and Fun

    Hey everyone! Name is Chris im 34 and I'm looking to get back into the world of Blade and Soul. It has been a solid 4 years or so since I last played. Just went through some major life changes and I'm looking to make some friends and bury myself in a game I once loved. I'm not necessarily looking for a clan, just some friends. if anyone is interested just hit me up in-game, I last left off on my level 47 Lyn BD named NexusBlack. ill be in-game trying to remember how everything works. I might just create a new character to get back into the flow of things I see there are some new classes if anybody has some suggestions on what new class is fun to play id love to hear it. cheers to all the crickets out there, I hope to meet some of you!