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  1. https://youtu.be/3piaO9ir-xM MSPP needs to be fixed. As it stands right now, no one does 1-6, the update to it with increasing HP on the bosses and mobs effectively killed the zone. From what was the place to go to farm Evolved stones is now a dead piece of content. Either the HP needs to be scaled back, or rewards need to be given that actually reflect the difficulty and time required to clear 1-6. Any group capable of 1-6 needs IA soulshields/upgrade materials available to them. The rats who spawn still give outdated soulshields if you find and kill one, They should be
  2. Yea we need a real EZ mode like Korea has. Make it drop cores but no legendary accessories and also still drop full amount of elder scales.
  3. Server should be moved to Seattle that would be way better. https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/wikileaks-publishes-list-aws-data-center-locations-colo-providers/
  4. I have 3 purple Ascension stones and they were all made by joining blue stones. Seriously NCsoft, stop this insanity. A whole year of playing and out of the 4 levels of stones, I have all level 2 stones except 2 are level 3 and 0 level 4. The last 4 times ive tried joining 8 blue (level 1 stones) ive failed to get a level 2. Its unacceptable.
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