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  1. Well, I just came back to the game but its from back when the game just got released so I guess I can say I am new. I'm looking for a Competition or Social Pve clan that is not too hardcore that dont care too much about gears at first as long as I progress and get better with them as we run content. Sadly I know I will have to rely on carry for a few before I can contribute decently to the content but I'm ok with that as long as the others are fine with that too. I'm a Warden 50 at the moment I might make a gunner too (well I'm trying to stick to easy on hand class and that have a decent Simple mode). I'm open to try other class as long they dont require acrobatic fingers combo. I'm EST time zone if that matter. If any clan are recruiting and think I might fit in your clan answer here or pm me in game on NaxNax if I am online. PS: english isnt my main language but I believe my english is decent enough.