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  1. Bug Summary: Tower of Infinity enemy weapons stuck in floor. Reproduction steps: 1. Enter Tower of Infinity. 2. Wait for the random enemy class to spawn 3. Their weapon spawns stuck in the circle in the middle of the map. Attachment:
  2. Bug Summary: Koldrak drains 60% to 80% of weapon durability. Reproduction steps: 1. Enter Koldrak with ex. 60% weapon durability 2. Fight Koldrak 3. About halfway through, gain 'weapon is about to break' message. 4. Couple seconds later, weapon breaks. 5. Use resist skill to safely repair weapon during fight 6. Kill Koldrak and be left with 80% durability on your newly repaired weapon. Additional information: This only seems to happen on the Warlock class. Nearly gotta repair my weapon twice during a singular Koldrak fight whilst my friends playing other classes don't see
  3. Bug Summary: Warlock 3rd spec Time Distortion has wrong cooldown. Reproduction steps: 1. Activate Time Distortion with Tab 2. Skillbar sets TD cooldown on 2min 6secs. 3. TD comes off cooldown on skill slot bar 4. TD still has a 1 minute cooldown on skill cooldowns bar, making it a 3 minute cooldown instead of the portrayed 2.6min (Using TD during this time also renders it useless) Attachment: Additional information: This concerns Warlock Reaver spec on Borrowed Time talent, but I have the idea Death's Door cooldowns don't work correctly either. Also due to how cooldowns don't show sec
  4. Been there done that… And even that is useless. All out of expensive sealing charms yet the gear I sent over cannot be opened on Dual Blade either– Intended or not, there was no mention whatsoever about CtA- and other equipment not being available for Dual Blade, which is just… highly unprofessional (and that feels like an understatement). Don’t know wether I should request a reverse or wait for potential changes and have the chance of losing my sealing charms and gear entirely if no such change happens. Then again requesting a reverse will use up all restoration toke
  5. [Warlock Bug] Bug Summary: Time Distortion stops working upon 2nd use Reproduction steps: 1. Begin fight, activate Time Distortion and get skill cooldown resets. 2. After 2m6s, Time Distortion is off cooldown on both the skills hotbar and skill cooldown status bar. 3. Activate Time Distortion again. 4. The animations/visuals for an active TD show as usual, however, it doesn't actually reset any cooldowns anymore. Additional information: Class: WL, Way of the Reaver, bottom row talent #2 (Borrowed Time) [Dual Blade Bug] Bug Summary: Certain equipme
  6. Where do I even start? Legitimate outfits I paid for and bought through F5 for thousands of gold, removed? Or the broken emotes? What about the Hongmoon store being completely broken? Or the supposed new event items not even being in Dragon Express or daily login rewards? Oh yeah, and the daily/weekly rewards still being old event rewards? You really needed a 4 hour maintenance for this? I lost at least a good 30 euros of outfits and plenty of friends lost outfits they earned ages ago with your own event codes and whatnot. And don't even get me started on the amount of pet pods people lo
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