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  1. That's most ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ argument I ever heard. You justify gambling. You have same toxic mindset as casino player. That it's ok to feed your addiction. Want support game? Buy a subscription. That's true support of any game. Buying RNG boxes or trove with actual gear is just legalized cheating. With enough money you can buy gear which makes you BiS in 1-7 days, while others never reaches that stage, even if it was possible to play 24/7. Works and earn money? You suck at lying. Those who works doesn't even have time to play games and if they do, they won't waste money like that. Those whales
  2. Because you're encouraging bad marketing. People support loot box and RNG inside RNG inside RNG infested "games" and that creates an illusion that it's ok to turn game into casino. You do not have any issues FPS wise? Right...turn on FPS counter and you'll see. People are having extreme lag and FPS issues with PCs which cost thousands of $$$. Only way to not have it is to basically buy an alienware. You know 10000$+ Keep in mind that FPS drops happen only in raids. PvP is basically only 1vs1. Elsewhere whales one hit kill you. Dungeons are turned into fast runs. And so on. Sure, co
  3. How much do they pay you,little troll? I agree that they are professionals. Professional scammers who use quick cashgrab tactics. It's the people who sells a crap in a golden wrapper for 100€ and makes you buy it. They literally don't care about game and it's quality. All of their games are plagued with nonsense City of heroes? Dead Tabula Rasa? Dead Wildstar? Dead Master x Master? Dead. And they probably proud of that one. Ruined game so badly that it was shut down 6 months after it's release. Blade and soul? I'm surprised it's not dead. Well,maybe because peopl
  4. this event is...easy as hell bosses are basically soloable mushin's aren't too hard 3 daily arena (you can lose 3 times if you wish) for arena token fishing pearls are also easy. Buy 2k auto fish baits and leave character to fish during night. You should get about 10k...(I get ~15-20k per night). farming 100k doesn't need to be done instantly. You need 10 fishing remnants for stage 4 (25000 pearls), 10 for stage 6 (25000) pearls and 20 for stage 10 (50000 pearls). each stage basically can be opened every 18 hours and you can buy tokens every 24 hours...basically you get 10 days to col
  5. TBH everything you said is literally nonsense. Run game in 64 bit client Before running game run process at high priority. Go to task manager-->details and leave that tab opened--->run game launcher and press start---> then in task manager detaisl tab find blade and soul process--->right click it---choose change priority--> select high priority--now you can close task manager Press Ctrl+F to hide other players Use lowest settings (make all values in advanced settings to 1) Buy tons of auto bait Start autofishing Go to sleep or read the book or watch the mo
  6. Something good? Nice character models and outfits Fun combat system I think that's it. Everything else sucks: Average story RNG inside RNG inside RNG Treasure trove Mats on F10 store Very few outfits on store Two types of cash shop currency. It would really better if NCcoin and hongmoon coin were changed into one currency Lag FPS drops Elitist toxic whales Materials being unreasonably expensive and needing way too much for low tier gear events for whales event zones with PvP mode which has auto farming enabled auto fishing Unity system Hongmoon point
  7. Wrong. Without wall climb skill is impossible to finish the story. It's because story quests in late game...I think in act VIII requires wall climb to finish task.
  8. Just small suggestion: introduce feature which allows us to restore deleted characters. It can be time limted aka 1 character every 10-14 days or character restore tokens could be bought from the store
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