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  1. I do, but basically the wall between middle ground and upper level players just got higher. Vials. Sacred Vials have a cap everywhere else in the game. But Mao is the one place without limits, without having to bid war where you could get them. I'm working to get True Brightwill and True Majestic. Where I am I need a combined 75 vials to meet my goal. The event only allows 3, Weekly you can only buy 2 and crafting them is bottle-necked by a mat that you can only get from 2 dungeons that can only be run once a day. So now it cripples the player base. If you've been playing for a while you know.
  2. Seeing as I was around for the last event I will say it's exponentially easier than last time. Fishing for a new person, Slow. It's means that you're probably going to miss out on some of the nicer things in the store like the legendary radiance stone. But The ET boss 1 remnant can be bought, Don't have to run it. Arena is bought as well. Solo dungeon remnants are a pain, I won't lie, But Naksun is doable on a brand new astro with what was supplied. I know, I did it, and it wasn't that bad. Astro damage output is sick. Dungeons, Run everything from CC down every day even if you do
  3. You don't go above gilded tri until you're min-maxing. I have almost all square and one pent but while I did buy some tri and upgrade, most of them I landed from getting lucky on past events. Get a square? Cool, Don't, I'm not dying. With so much other gear that gives better damage to upgrade, If you're stressing over gems, your endgame gearing priorities are off. I had to learn too. A lot of the the hard way. And I can promise you that beefing gems didn't give me nearly the turnaround of an accessory or say soul or heart. Tricking out your acc and ss with psyches would be a better use of time
  4. Lol. I went from clearing Hachi, the first fight in Mao in 4 sec to not being able to make the 4.5 minutes and 2400 ap. To be honest. Even doing mechs, at my lvl Hong still takes work. Solo just got a hard reset on who can and can't clear them. New world order so to speak. I hope the new players are really caching in on this event. Because new players after this event won't really be able to do anything outside of Moon Refuge for a really long time.
  5. Honestly I didn't need high end items. I just wanted a pair of wings. Clan member gets one in 25 keys, I get hosed after 300. Second trove in a row. Welp. I hope they choke on what I spent cause they just lost someone else who was willing to put in for something nice. This is how games go bankrupt. I get the high end heart or soul. But some glam dude? You gonna hold out on some glam?
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