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  1. I'm happy for everyone who was able to fix their soul boost meter, really, but it's not okay for the support to leave the rest hanging like this. We know what's causing the bug and why, but there's still no fix. How hard can it be to recheck the falsely unchecked CSC missions?
  2. If Chaos Supply Chain is the problem, then just check off the CSC missions for the people who are stuck because they did Aerodrome stage 1 - 10 before the patch! Doing Aerodrome stage 1 - 10 before the patch should have resulted in checking off all 10 Chaos Supply Chain missions anyway...
  3. Wait, is soulboost working now? I'm afraid to do any missions atm xD but it looks like the lost points will stay lost. Damn... :'D
  4. If that worked for you, great. It didn't work for me. Also, I'm not getting points from SB page 1! So CSC is not causing my soul boost bug. The problem is something else.
  5. I feel your pain. It didn't work for me either. In the end, it was Just time and energy wasted on CSC. I also don't want to get my hopes up for next maintenance... But I'm stuck on SB level 43 anyway xD there's no way I can finish it either way
  6. Same here! I did CSC stage 1 to 5 and I still don't even get points for primeweald...
  7. I asked the support about the dungeon problem and they answered: "This is a known issue and we are currently looking into a resolution, at this time. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact time frame as to when this will be addressed [...]" Let's hope for the best :)
  8. Do the new dungeons count for soul boost? Has someone tested this yet? I still need the aerodrome stages and all the dungeons on my alt... I don't understand it. Why didn't they wait with the dungeon update until the next patch? Soul boost ends in june anyway and it would have saved them a lot of work. Now they need to rework all the missions for soul boost. This is just ridiculous...
  9. I got disconnected an hour ago. Since then I can't even get the launcher to start. Someone else having the same problem?
  10. Thank you all for your answers! Good to know I'm not going crazy 😅
  11. I just posted this in the bug section but I wanted to know if anyone has the same problem as me: Blade&Soul runs fine for me (no lag, no stuttering, nothing) but as soon as I enter Koldrak Lair, my connection gets really bad. It lags so much I can't do anything and get disconnected. As soon as I'm out of Koldrak Lair, everything runs fine again. No, my internet connection and my router are both fine. And yes, I checked. I get the "change character disconnect" too, but right now I can't even finish Koldrak Lair with a single character. This is so frustrat
  12. Bug Summary: Lag, bad connection and disconnect only in Koldrak Lair Reproduction steps: 1. no problem while doing dungeons, no problem while doing sidequests anywhere on the worldmap 2. went into Koldrak Lair 3. connection got really bad, had lag, couldn't do anything, got disconnected 4. reconnected, everything worked fine 5. went into Koldrak Lair -> same problem again Attachment: - Additional information: I checked my internet connection and my router, and restarted pc + router. Everything works fine on my end. Blade&Soul runs without problem.
  13. Do I get this outfit on every Astromancer I do the 3 daily quests 3 times with? Or is this 1 Outfit per account too? edit: okay, I found the info. It's restricted.
  14. This would be an really important info! I still need Mao Gloves to upgrade my gloves but after the update I'll never be able to do this dungeon again. 2400 ap... srsly? If I have 2400 ap to do this dungeon then my equipment already is way better than the low tier gloves you can upgrade with mao gloves! So how exactly are we low gear players supposed to get Mao Gloves after the update?
  15. Same problem here :( I still have the feather fan and the serpent bell in my inventory. And I don't get the next windwalking quest (where you need the dragonbone inscription)
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