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  1. I saw that mentality in every mmo I played. People spam 'be experienced/ geared/ link achievment/ 3K+ dps' etc etc for hours when dungeon can be finished in NN minutes top with one experienced player teaching 3-4-5 noobs. Little longer if you need to teach noob tank. BnS just highlights such behaviour due to ehh... fractured community and huge disparity in gear/experience/wealth.
  2. No, it is impossible in BnS. All classes here are very different.
  3. Remember how they autobanned players with demon role in ET or something similar half an year ago? Actually I suspect that mail-based bans from neighboring thread are of same type. So no, issue is also their ability to do something, anything. I am being sarcastic here and I agree that today acceptance and quiet fix is better solution. Like it was in some other game I played when exploits spread wide. Response should happen 4 months ago when it was reported.
  4. MoW is the only semi reliable way to get large amount of rare elements. In CS it was like every 4th day I could buy 10 RE on every char. Dungeon drops and Mushin tower are way slower in that regard.
  5. But now you come to me and you say, 'Dear player, don't use bug.' But you don't ask with respect, you don't offer hotfix; you don't even think to call me Godcustomer. Instead, you come into my game on the day my character's to become rich and you ask me to loose gold -- for free.
  6. More likely they calculate their losses from not sold cosmetics, rng boxes etc. And are desperately trying to find scapegoat among staff to present to KR (or in that particular case "scapedog"). Honestly, NCW deserved it. You can't spit on community for years and then try to plead 'please please please don't use this bug'. Obviously players jump on NC at the slight notice of relaxed sphincter. PS: In one other game community manager made (very rarely) similar posts with warnings about widely known bug or exploit. Players obeyed. Because they knew that there will be either justified
  7. I don't have game installed but maybe that option is intended to work only with ehh... 'fullscreen mode' or whatever it is called here? If you run in borderless window mode then this option doesn't do anything. Again I don't have game anymore and can't check if BnS actually have different fullscreen and borderless modes. It looks very much like it. They probably wanted Ebon be a pvp zone. It didn't happen and players got more items for 'free' then it was intended so NC went with higher cap in Nyraka.
  8. In one other game when company rolled out similar nerfing patch just after my friend bought year+ premium he demanded refund. Though he lives in some country where there is law about 'bait and switch'. His account was deleted but he got his money back.
  9. Not really a big change but remember how acts 5-10 gave some gold as quest rewards? Not much but some pocket money enough to buy items for sprint quests from market. Well act XI doesn't do it. It gives something around 50-80 silvers per chapter. And sidequests give 40 silvers (act 9 ones give 1 g). It looks like NC$ really decided to choke all f2p sources.
  10. Beautiful change. Personally I am happy with it. All this farming started getting to me so now I can happily leave game right after finishing story act. Not sure why NC$ tries half measures when humanity invented and successfully tested such things as mustard gas.
  11. And much smaller community also. NCS did splendid job of removing any meaningful rewards from dungeons. At least from those I can run - up to TSW. If dungeons start to take 10-15+ minutes and still give only 2-5g then even less players will play. But you are right of course. I played game that required coordination between players. Surprisingly with very easy mechs comparing to BnS or swtor but most required dps from all players. Just more rewards and way way easier mechs to explain in chat. Surprise but as soon as new tier of progression required hundreds of runs with low rewards and bad
  12. Yes, since start of week playable only through vpn.
  13. Sure they will add auto-hunting to Moon Refuge but make adjustments to quests: - Bummer's dream will require 50 bags and drop chance will be lowered to 5% - Zavnar's zeal will require 200 kills. Happy? I am sure there is something like this in their design documents: 'f2p player should be forced to farm at least 7 hours per day so they can feel suffering and buy gear from F10'.
  14. This. What puzzles me is how... stupid Ebon realm is. Auto-fishing I can somehow acknowledge: you pay gold or ncoins for bait. There is some balance in it. Auto-hunting? You don't spend anything, just enter zone, press button and leave computer on for hours. What, NC$ is in cahoots with energy providers? Perhaps not. I hope that not. Well maybe in KR only. What's meaning of auto-combat at all? They can just give 1-2-3000 buds per day as login reward and result will be same. Eeeexcept in metrics it will look worse then 'we have 3000 players playing all day. New zone is a blast!'. I saw how metr
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