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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    In one other game when company rolled out similar nerfing patch just after my friend bought year+ premium he demanded refund. Though he lives in some country where there is law about 'bait and switch'. His account was deleted but he got his money back.
  2. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Not really a big change but remember how acts 5-10 gave some gold as quest rewards? Not much but some pocket money enough to buy items for sprint quests from market. Well act XI doesn't do it. It gives something around 50-80 silvers per chapter. And sidequests give 40 silvers (act 9 ones give 1 g). It looks like NC$ really decided to choke all f2p sources.
  3. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Beautiful change. Personally I am happy with it. All this farming started getting to me so now I can happily leave game right after finishing story act. Not sure why NC$ tries half measures when humanity invented and successfully tested such things as mustard gas.
  4. Blade and Soul Pug Community

    And much smaller community also. NCS did splendid job of removing any meaningful rewards from dungeons. At least from those I can run - up to TSW. If dungeons start to take 10-15+ minutes and still give only 2-5g then even less players will play. But you are right of course. I played game that required coordination between players. Surprisingly with very easy mechs comparing to BnS or swtor but most required dps from all players. Just more rewards and way way easier mechs to explain in chat. Surprise but as soon as new tier of progression required hundreds of runs with low rewards and bad rng only hardcore and fans stayed. They buffed old dungeons by the way. I think all from Ebondrake Citadel and to Ebondrake Lair. I noticed it last week when was running them with new main. Bosses HP were buffed for about 50%+. In EL they simple added 100M to snake (I could not pass further). So old dungeons now are on par with train from SSM to TSW and even worse - it seems they were not nerfed and some mechs still one shot. Rewards... 1g50s from IF or EL.
  5. Jinsoyun server lag

    Yes, since start of week playable only through vpn.
  6. Sure they will add auto-hunting to Moon Refuge but make adjustments to quests: - Bummer's dream will require 50 bags and drop chance will be lowered to 5% - Zavnar's zeal will require 200 kills. Happy? I am sure there is something like this in their design documents: 'f2p player should be forced to farm at least 7 hours per day so they can feel suffering and buy gear from F10'.
  7. This auto farming + pvp ? Lineage 2 Essence

    This. What puzzles me is how... stupid Ebon realm is. Auto-fishing I can somehow acknowledge: you pay gold or ncoins for bait. There is some balance in it. Auto-hunting? You don't spend anything, just enter zone, press button and leave computer on for hours. What, NC$ is in cahoots with energy providers? Perhaps not. I hope that not. Well maybe in KR only. What's meaning of auto-combat at all? They can just give 1-2-3000 buds per day as login reward and result will be same. Eeeexcept in metrics it will look worse then 'we have 3000 players playing all day. New zone is a blast!'. I saw how metrics eat soul out of different games. Nothing new here. Anyway better to farm bitcoins if you can afford leaving PC for all day.
  8. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    It seems to be regular problem. There are similar complains in factions chat. I didn't have any problem: 5 tranquility emblems + bracelet box in inventory, click on box - it opened.
  9. Ebon Realm - distance perimeters and a heads up

    What I saw. There is only starting point and no set starting perimeter. There is hunting range that your character is center of. Like radar. So when melee moves to mob its range moves with him. If mobs make ehh... a chain of ranges then melee can go till last mob. When last mob dies melee starts to move back to set starting point. If while he moves any mob gets into radar range then melee engages it and everything repeats. Funny thing if you set starting point near camp and then run to other side of map your character will return to starting point covering half a map with zigzag and killing mobs. Range character just doesn't need to move that much so its radar doesn't move much.
  10. New Event's Problem

    Ehhh... that is exactly what they want - "no effort". That is what auto-hunting is. Put auto-hunting mode and read a book near computer. It takes about 2-2.5 hours. And no, they won't ever do something.
  11. 100 hours for WIngs

    I farmed... sorry, I auto-hunted (tm) a little today for those 5 event orbs. It seems PK is not that much of a problem because even for those people killing afk players is boring as... auto-hunt. They do it occasionally to free spot but it seems each place can easily fit 2 players even when they oneshot mobs. Prices are sick though. At least there is rare element pouch for 50 buds (30 min of farming).
  12. How to solo raid

    Yes, unfortunately it is one time only. If you already did raid before you won't see NPC with orange mark. If you can see him then he will transfer you to last raid boss. For Zulia NPC is right infront of gate (she will have 13M HP). For Mugo you need to enter instance, talk to Juna, then exit and talk to appeared NPC. Mugo will have 27M HP.
  13. It is really funny how there is absolutely no answer from NCW to such negligible issue. p2w, bugs, lags, etc - all that can be explained as "it's nothing personal, it's strictly business". But to be silent because of merchant?! Well I also don't talk to my wallet.
  14. Simple Mode - Friendly (and Unfriendly) Classes

    Blade Master 3rd spec: friendly. All it does is spam RMB+F. It is really good to use Swordfall (F) as soon as possible because your other spams Blade Storm (LMB), Thunder Crash (X) decrease cooldown of F.
  15. BnS lore

    What I understood is that there was original KR story consisting on 4 acts. You can find it translated on youtube and try google synopsis (on reddit I think). Later original story was reworked for china release (acts 3-4 mostly) and english translators on top of that added their vision for west release. So no, parts of the story won't connect ever. Huge spoiler of end of original act 4 (my understanding of it):