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  1. problem is bnsbuddy admin not do some script key ppl to not use rip mods, but to be true how many ppl now play bns ? online ppl, so compare maybe is 4-5k online or more and 3k use bnsbuddy, i am gunner and i don't need all this but just think, after i read all comments, whale don't use bnsbuddy, you seriously ? 95% all whale use, problem is many classes what don't have normal easy mode, and normal is not more dps but not proper skill use, like bd/sum/bm light/.... , so only with addon you can fix, not increase ms or other this don't need just to fix anicancel of all class on easy mode. if Ncsoft fix easy mode, update open box time , and after block data editing will be great
  2. Another whale exclusive event only

    i like this Event but i will not do because of my gear but think, now we have other problem, i think some ppl/clan will separate zones of farm, and random ppl will just die, Best will be if NcSoft before event release do next 1) no party, all solo 2) hide name, so ppl see all like opponents 3) max 100 on map / farm 1h 4) same gear in pvp fight (50/50)
  3. Ncoin

    Then is first time can be =)
  4. Ascension Stone

    then patch with Unity system come it was possible, and after some time was changed, i craft mine purple blue stone like this on first slot
  5. Ascension Stone

    i remember this because i craft first purple on first slot, because i think 10 coin stone have more % of craft but not, and on last patch/event after trove is somethink strange i think ncsoft downgrade % of craft from blue to purple stone (5 coin one) i craft 7 time and 1 purple, before is like 1 per 2-3 crafts
  6. Ascension Stone

    on start you can but after some patch you cant i remember to this but think now is only F10 box or rng or trove for first slot
  7. unknown Issue for ncsoft

    understand, but to many font and color are broken on this patch
  8. if you have spike try to check rooting to server, if is all ok and pc are ok (problems on oc) then is only game, i dont have problems on my 7700k stock
  9. unknown Issue for ncsoft

    maybe but will be strange , look at hong moon pleb pet is give to, so now we need only to take pleb one to have more dmg xD if we dont have materials for Omega
  10. unknown Issue for ncsoft

    Sorry for this topic name but ncsoft say Known Issue: Dungeon Difficulty only and this is rip. profile (P) AP and HP font is small Title from blue now are pink all dungeons bosses red aoe now is darkblue pink xD Easy mode what need to be easy from normal, now if you do solo with gear char kill you (hollow - spider) and shadowmoor last boss kill you, is ok now st/rt you can do solo if you want but lol i am slacking now because play borderlands and other player see more or maybe i forgot some think but why all time on new patch ver. have problems. =/ oh yes, All hongmoon pet and Omega pet give Boss ap, but ultimate and aw ultimate don't so WTF ? and is not only description. add. if you create party now party numbers is blue color Daily challenge don't give orb fragments for cs/mandate - so is time maybe to take off this seriously NCsoft ? UI stack like hook from guner or lighting stacks on Bd is bad visible - pls back normal color F8 dungeon lfp list : character name and text are same color blue and is bad, pls back white like before F8 - Dungeon easy mode , - if is hard to fix , just put like Kr Easy/normal/hard mode