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  1. I know we like giving you guys a hard time and to be fair most of it is deserved, that being said we should also be able to commend when you do something right. Thank you NC for listening to the community and doing something about it! From the bottom of my heart this truly makes me happy and hopeful for the future of all of this. Also if we are already on the subject good job on the road map - it was mostly close and for the most part executed exactly as pointed. If may suggest, whoever is in charge of translation in your company or whoever is in charge of communications with the Korean
  2. NC: "Have a way to make oils" Everyone: "Yeay!!" NC: "Its RNG and wastes mats so basically only max geared ppl care about it since they have a lot to spare" Everyone: "Oh..." NC: "Alright seems like none of you used the garbage oil system so we are revamping it!" Everyone: "Yeay!!" NC: "But daily rewards are for 3-5-7 dailies now" Everyone: "Well..." NC: "2 per week limit, need to do full dailies on 2 chars every day" Everyone: "Its still better tha-" NC: "Gold from dungs is rng for geared ppl only" Everyone: "Oh come on!" NC: "And fo
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