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  1. I'm a little confused...

    I have more than that into the game so far and I'm only a level 32, but then again I've been told it was because I screwed up, as a new player, and instead of skipping everything and just rushing through the yellow quests, I actually did all the quests and watched the videos because, since it was a new game, I was curious about the lore and the game world. If new players are going to be punished for actually doing the content and trying to learn about the story, then they really should just remove all that extra stuff as it is apparently a trap for unsuspecting new players like myself. I don't know about that, but when I could access the market place I did find a lot of neat weapon skins and outfits and had the need to use the Currency Exchange to get 1500 gold right away for the first things I wanted, which took a bit of Ncoin. There were more things I was interested in but I guess because I screwed up and cared about the lore and the world and took my time with the quests and videos, I fell well behind where I should have been level wise for the time invested so far. I don't know, I haven't had the game up since and I keep considering giving it another go.. but all these traps and tricks to screw over new players really makes me hesitate to do so... because if it is like this as early in as I am... what will I run into later?
  2. I'm a little confused...

    I know this might sound silly, but my character appearance is really important to me and I find it hard to get into a game if I can't make a character that I like the look of early on. I don't want to suffer through a lot of time where I dislike my character's appearance to try and reach a level when I'm finally allowed to do something about it. I'm not sure the game will hold my interest long enough to ever get there if I'm denied the ability to change my character's appearance ...even when I'm willing to spend my money to do so. So I really don't understand why they would want to stop me from giving them my money and push me away from the game. Really wish I had known they did stupid stuff like this before I invested so much already, but I refuse to get stuck in the Sunk Cost Fallacy and keep playing/paying something past the point of enjoyment. Thank you for the reply.
  3. I'm new, I started playing on Monday and was rather enjoying the game so far. I didn't understand the reason the auction house was locked out, but I eventually leveled up enough to unlock it and upon finding some really nice looking stuff, I quickly bought a bunch of Ncoins and then used the Currency Exchange to make my character all pretty with weapon and outfit skins. I greatly enjoyed this. Today I signed in to play and went to pull up the auction house again and got the message that I was not allowed to use that feature till level 35. Did I do something wrong to get blocked from the auction house for three more levels? Was I not supposed to spend money on the game making my character pretty? I had discovered another outfit that I loved the look of from the F3 Showroom thing and rushed to see if it was on auction so I could find out how much and how much more Ncoin I needed to get to afford it... but it seems I'm blocked from doing that? Why aren't I allowed to spend money on the game? That seems so crazy for a F2P game that sells stuff, and I've played a lot of FTP games with microtransactions. So did I do something wrong, or do they just not want my money?