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  1. What issue? Floor 5 is not meant to drop accessories
  2. Honestly prefer the old system because there only 2 pieces on each boss where RNG and it’s was only a short weekly run. Also atleast then you could but individual pieces instead of having your RNG protection be RNG
  3. Good to know reading is still hard for some The patch notes said UP TO gc6 sky forge is the equivalent to gc6 so you are already at gc6 thus you have reached the cut off pint
  4. Just farm out prophecy. ET neck is very expensive and didn’t give as much dps as the cheaper prophecy and elevation is really outdated
  5. I mean yeah psyches are nice to have but they are not part of your core gear progression they are more like gems from other MMOs. Thats true i should have said most gear but you can get the pve equivilvant of ET (atleast weapon) without ET I did at the start i said i beleive CC+ should be ignored and shouldnt follow that rule as they are current endgame dungeons when new access are released im sure they will be nerfed Didn't record so sorry. All in all around 30 mins mostly finding people. Would i personally? No because i run my dailies with my clan and we are at
  6. CC+ should need mechs because they are current content and should be ignored sorry this is true but it is the consequence of putting power boosts in an easy mode also at the appropiate gear for CC you will likely ignore boss 1 mech anyway due to dmg/acidently doing it. The mech for WC is so simple if you can't do it you have bigger problems than not bieng able to do the mech such as being blind All the raids do invalidate your point and in your next paragraph say "i disagree unless something is meant to be real hard". These are RAIDS aka the end game content of MMOs the
  7. Every time ive sent a ticket ive been replied to in hours at most a day
  8. No they dont have to change it nor should they the requirement is perfectly resonable. First the TT im sorry but with the gear you have gotten by then you could do TT pretty comfortably with a party of armory characters if your to lazy to do so thats your problem and even if you do buy a carry run boss 3 accessory which usually gets you boss 4 as well for 600g which is miniscule not "Huge amounts of gold". For ET just buy the badge for 2.5k or an achievment run i know one guy sells achiev for 500g which is not "massive gold" either and the badge is a good upgrade if u go that route. Also its n
  9. You talk about mechs in easy mode then mention hong mao throne VT BT and botany. None of those are EASY mode dungeon 2 ofthem are solo dungeons and 3 are raids. The insta death in WC isn't a mech its common sense "oh look theres an attack indicator and now there glowy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lets go stand in it" is like rule 1 of what not to do in MMOs. DST boss 1 is probaly the only place you HAVE to do mechs or wipe and is the only good example then again now that everyone has TT gear if u can't burst it you have bigger issues
  10. First i wanted to say that this current event is awsome for new players returning players and people with alts. Hpwever the dragon express for this event does not contain the admirals new clothes box which is a little dissapointing from a new/returning players perspective as some of the outfits are really nice. Would it be possible to get this box added to the call to arms event purchaseable with tokens?
  11. I agree with you shadow but I think this being mailable is more likely of a change although I much prefer yours never thought of it
  12. I think it’s just an oversight by the devs they are separate entities that is clear as the pauldron can ONLY be used on the heavens mandate version if it could be used on both then fair enough I’d agree but as it’s not the level boost version is clearly a different entity and should be made mailable as this version of the outfit can ONLY be gotten through level boost
  13. The cold storage merchant sells a familiar uniform of the same look and a Pauldron for the heavens mandate look alike. While there is the look alike from heavens mandate that is an RNG based drop so having a purchased version be mailable would be nice especially if you get the look alike on your boosted character then you can just mail the level boosted version to an alt
  14. Hello i would like to make a suggestion that the hongmoon training uniform (the level boost outfit) is made mailable. This is because it is technically a hongmoon store outfit as it can only be gotten through the level boost
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