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  1. Well my first post was obviously sarcastic, it's obvious it was on purpose the vials and psyches are ncoin only now. Listen ncsoft. You know very well the main bad thing people point out about your game: the unhealthy ridiculous pay to win. It drives your current customers away and gives such a bad image about your game, that no one wants to start playing it despite everyone saying it has "the best fighting system of any MMO". Trying to milk a bit more money per player at the cost of killing your playerbase does not pay, you see it by your financial results steadily crashing. I don't k
  2. Hello, Thanks for adding ethereal vials in the game, although only in the cash shop and not in the actual game, it is better than nothing I suppose. However, I think there is a bug preventing us from buying the vials for hongmoon coins. Could you please fix that issue? Oh also the mystic psyche for soulbadge and mystic badge are now ncoins only too. I can not possibly think it is on purpose that those items can only be bought for ncoins. After all this game is not pay to win, merely pay to progress, right? haha yes. Have a nice day!
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