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  1. ye back in the day both spec relies on the time bomb, sadly serpent become braindead and shadow got more or less more difficult to play, also yes u can just get glory soul badge for sin and call it a day but the legendary one is still a must without it the dmg would be wayy 2 low, u get a huge spike out of it so i view it as a must for the rotation, idk about the current shadow sin but it seems to have more burst and sustain potential than serpent atm if u do things right, also to make it easier for your fingers macro is probly a good thing to have x) just disapointed by the outcome of the sp
  2. Now, yes it's a braindead spec, it used to be soooo much harder and better to play with! i have played it since day 1 which is after the Beta and even on the old private RUS server, came back for 2-3 months ago seeing all these changes killed me inside lol, i almost wanted to switch to bm and kfm 3rd spec but i wanted to give it another chance. Atm i got A9 weap both badge legendary, tiger soul stage 1, virtuous heart stage 1 and awakened starbreaker bracelet stage 1 with GC SS set. and only after getting at least the legendary soul badge, A3 at least weap with the hong bracelet th
  3. The removal of the system was so sudden, it's almost stupid, it does not benefit anybody if anything then it pissed of many people :/
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