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  1. Hi folks, Returning player here from when BNS 1st started here in the US then quit a couple of months after. After some assistance from customer support, I was able to retrieve my forgotten account and was able to access my characters which remained at then max lvl 45. 1st thing I noticed while launching the game is that it takes 1 or more mins ( im not joking) for the game to launch from the client. Once logged into the game, the fps for some reason is locked below 30 fps no matter how I adjust the graphics. Im running the 64 bit ver of the game and Im running it with a newly built rig with i7 9770k, RTX 2080, and 16gb @3200 mhz so there is no way it is hardware issues. Looked up the issue and fixes to no avail including disabling the bluetooth, changing the profile in NVIDIA inspector. Any knowledgeable people in the community that can help me resolve these issues? I'd really want to get back into the game. PS. I dont remember having these fps issues back then, its unplayable at its current state.