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    Sir, with all due respect, you are either a devout or an idiot. I myself spent 1210 KEY in hope to improve my unity to at least 960 stage. That was 60.000 gold hard earned ... I got 0 increase, 0 legendary, nothing, nada. Instead i could have bought 150 oil from F5 and max my soul ... Not only this is pay2win but it is also RNG that all the western community hate in a game and the reason many people leave the game. If the dev dont want to listen to the fact western players hate pay2win stuff they will close the game before a free2play player get max Unity set effect ! The reason player like myself came to the game was the fact there is less RNG then other game. Every dungeon give you at least some crystal to upgrade gear. There is a feeling of progression. They even added a 100 sucess to obtain accesories. Raid now drop classless item. They removed most RNG from the game except PTS. So why the *** they introduce unity stone that is the totaly opposite. it is time gated, limited, pay2win and you need luck to progress in it even if you pay. that s*x hard ! At the very least there should be a progression bar (like for upgrading accesories exp) so you consume stone to progress by +1 to +5 toward the creation of a new stone. That would be the right spirit at the very least. And fyki, the simple purchase of gold with $$$ is considered pay2win by 99% of peoples and if you read all pay2win definition around the web they agree. You sound really fishy when i read your comment i wonder if you are not ncsoft employee. What you saying about pay2progress is utter bullsh*t you should know it.