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  1. probably just bad RNG. i tend to save up the reward chests i get till i have around 100-200+, then i open them. sometimes i get no venture tokens, but normally i get at least 1 (even if just a standard venture token) from opening up my saved-up bundles
  2. if you’re talking about the DESIGN of the DEFAULT weapon appearance (AKA aransu 9), and asking if you’ll keep that weapon appearance once you upgrade to grand celestial, then no. simply because aransu and grand celestial weapon designs are different. but if you’re talking about weapon SKIN, you’ll retain that weapon skin even if you upgrade/breakthrough your weapon. only the effects of the weapon will change (crit, mystic, and skill modifiers, etc.)
  3. i doubt there’s a way to re-obtain it, since the devs made it as a progressional, disposable weapon. last i checked, you couldn’t even save its appearance, so there’s that too.
  4. you can get it from either mushin’s tower merchant (with naksun badges) or from SSP (soulstone plains) faction merchant in silverfrost, though i believe it’s locked behind an achievement in SSP, unless they changed it
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