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  1. Hi, I would like to form a static Hard Mode group. Currently it's me and my wife, we are chilled and non-toxic, non-rage so we are looking same type of ppl. We can learn togeher all 4 HMs - since we got no one to play with on HMS - we do all NM in duo. Not interested in guilds - those are dramas only - been there, done that;/ We are online always from 6cest so we can manage the times after group is formed - it is not have to be every day - everyone has thier own life:) Our Profiles: http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/
  2. Learn to read with understanding... "Several Easy Mode dungeon Bosses have had their “Berserk Rage” mechanics adjusted so that it does damage instead of instant-kill. Cathedra Cliffs - Ayanka Warped Citadel - Kangrim Brood Chamber – Nacha, Vetarex Dreamsong Theater – Mazuko" Do you see TSM adjustment? Previous post for Cyan: "We’re also verifying the adjustment to Dreamsong Theater and The Shadowmoor, and they will be changed as soon as we can confirm it: Dreamsong Theater – Mazuko: change “Berserk Rage” so that it does d
  3. Dear Community, Am insanely irritated and angry what happened since last week, therefore Im writing this as last resort to bring back BnS to healthy state. Too many slaps to players, too many lies an so on.. I ve played BnS a lot, with some breaks - I remember the 45lvl cap - golden times in the history of this game, but recent actions from NCW are beyond any measure... It appears that complaints and words do nothing so time for actions. What Im asking you is just simply stay away from the game for 48h. Lets all just log in today, do your crappy da
  4. I do confirm they drop in Nm. Had 3 drops in 1 Day and a drop few Times after, but after last patch 0.
  5. Hi, Im Solar and with my wife Im looking to create whole new tt raid group - within EU server. Im kinda sick of raid sellers - (I refuse to pay for raids in every game Ive played past 12 years of MMORPG gaming.), therefore I want my own raid, which will learn tt 1-4 - slowly but surely. What kind of ppl Im looking? -Non-ragers -Willing to learn/commit/spend 2-3h possibly twice a week to manage mechanics -calm, chill and friedly who think same way I do - 1.5k ap sine its not carry raid. I want every one to be equal What classes
  6. Hi, Im Solar and Im looking for 4-10 ppl to learn/do mid-high end dungs + raids. Ive seen a lot ppl with high ap and no clue what to do in certain dung - latest example - Sandstorm Temple - its terrible via F8. Therefore I would like to gather some ppl to do dungs on daily basis, learn the upper ones - Shadowmoor/DT/BC + raids SK/VT. Who am i looking for: Firendly Non-ragers Willing to learn/spend time to do certain dungs I do not care about ap - Im not looking for whales - just have like 1200 and will be ok, since I want every one in my pl
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