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  1. Then there will be little reason to pvp at all besides fusion stones, the players I see at the top of battlegrounds worked hard and deserve to be there no matter how much of a pos some of them are to players. You just sound jealous.
  2. Although I myself am not using any modifications to the game, please do not act like you all will stay if they enable the anti cheat program on the game. You all will then complain about not being geared, the payment model, and next thing you know, we will have a casual focused scrub fest of a game like ff14 and pso2. Players who quit the game and are returning should have the least priority when it comes to demands.
  3. I believe the out is way too expensive, and having it require you to buy items you do not want like summoner's pet outfit is unfair. Is there any possibility that this bundle can be sold without the summoners pet outfit in order to reduce the price to something reasonable? Nearly 100 dollars for an 3 piece outfit seems very overpriced in my opinion.
  4. Currently, in pvp Blade masters, blade dancers, Des, Are way over tunned. Blade masters, have a lot of resists, full screen combo starters that 100 to zero you, a block. The blade dancer is similar. The warlock class is currently very very weak in pve, and somewhat weak in pvp. Pve is currently dmg, it's awakened dmg needs to be buffed to compete with other classes and their awakened skills.
  5. Hello, I have been playing Blade and soul for about 6 to 8 months now and was hoping to make a friend that can help guide me in what I can be doing to obtain glamour, dailies, powerful weapons, and get into the end game raid scene as well. I have been playing a long time by myself and would truly like a reliable friend. Please respond below if you are willing to at least mentor me Thanks Alexander ( characters Aleetric and Alusive)
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