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  1. I've heard different things from different people throughout updates, I'm just curious if ranged and close are equally viable.
  2. So... It's been a while since I stopped playing BnS, back when the Hongmoon Dagger was something you got in the main questline. I played as a Warlock, but he's gone now because I deleted him before leaving. Now I wanna get back in and I want to pick a good class, both for gameplay and for lore & roleplaying (Fragglenarble) purposes. The ones which interest me the most are: Warlock [Magic and flashy] Blade Master [Swords, looks quick and strong] Kung Fu Master [Weapons are for the weak, just use your fist. Looks strong but seems like the learning and reflex curve is a
  3. Never played summoner, but I can understand wanting to rework something.
  4. I'm sure everybody has an idea for a new type of class, be it a hybrid or otherwise, so I made this Forum for people to voice their ideas and discuss how they might work. Personally I'd love to see a class based on sages and hermits, haven't quite figured out how it might work, but hey, that's what this forum is partly for.
  5. A little late to the party, but I think a class based around sages and hermits could be fairly interesting. If Soul Fighter hadn't have come out, I could see it as a hybrid between Warlock and Kung Fu Master potentially, but since that is a class... well, your ideas?
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