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  1. 30-Day Premium Gift

    The only thing I ask is that please the game put in the game store the 30-day premium item so that I can give away friends, that's it and nothing else, in the store inside the game!
  2. 30-Day Premium Gift

    I'm giving an idea for the game to have growth, and since I'm a player I know how to help move the B & S again, I could bring players buying Premium for 30 days, plus the 90 days is absurd to have it in a store!
  3. 30-Day Premium Gift

    I wanted to send a premium of 30 days for my wife to gift more in the store I only see the option of 90 days and would like to buy the 30 days! And on my Youtube channel I would like to do events that I could give the winners with 30 day premium in Blade & Soul would be really cool ...