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  1. My game DC'd and my character disappeared

    Yeah, when I went back and tried to make another character, I saw that the server list changed to just Yuna, which is when I then checked the NCSOFT client and realised that my location changed to North America ._. I don't even know how... But at least I'm glad that I didn't lose my progress. Thanks for the reply.
  2. So, I was just doing my epic quests, where I had to get the Snapjaws to make an alliance with the Sky(ravens?), and when I went through one of those portals like when entering a dungeon, my game loaded, but then near the end, my game disconnected and so my game closed. But when I got back, everything looked normal; my PIN still existed, my account email/password was still intact, etc. But when I went into the "character lobby", My level 47-48 Warden, IGN was either Yunosaki or Yosakura. Point is, my character wasn't there anymore, it got deleted. I had the 2 'Create a new character.' tabs. Any help? Thanks in advance.