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  1. Can we get more options for weeklies?

    NCS need to stop make gold nerfs all the time. Like you guys need to stop with these excuses. do you even realize what kind of game you’re playing? is a MMO you even kown what what a MMO is? it doesn't seem for what you're arguing. sorry i'm not really trying to be an idiot but if you only have 1-2 hours per day MMOs should be the last type of game you should be playing let alone complain because you don't have time to play.
  2. in fact everyone is a little addicted to take so much bs from NCS and never do nothing. @Grimoir clearly has been in the denial phase for years
  3. Why is Macroing frowned upon?

    you have a funny way to see this. Now try to apply to other situations and see how dumb it is. NCS greed nop they are just smarter than consumer idiots. doping nop no problem just smart ppl. scams in real life no problem just smart ppl I could stay in this all day but I think you already understand. Games started to allow macros because it’s practically impossible to stop. any mouse and keyboard nowadays comes with a program that among many things makes macros. Anyway despite NCS saying that it is not allowed. in reality it is allowed. There are many cases of people reported with video evidence and NCS never ban this ppl. just take a look at twitch and you can see ppl using macros daily and they have been reported several times
  4. people still believe and dream no matter how much bs NCS throw in they face lol Frontier is a mobile port that uses UE4. and I believe this is the only thing that they have. But this deserved an official response.
  5. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    when you have a dead open world and the maximum you can do is 12man pt and that it's a nightmare performance for sure is not a MMO
  6. Look someone left the 20th floor door open and Yunsang go for a walk in EU
  7. not a popular opinion but is time for NCS to ban BNSBuddy. i know ppl will start with the excuses of i need for performance. but that program only helps cheaters and makes NCS job of dealing with this problem more difficult. So NCS do your job fix the game and ban BNSBuddy or this fiesta it will never end
  8. let's not have this discussion. I'm not really trying to see you or others banned. (you can see your stream to see that it’s not like you are talking) I juste think you are demanding too much in this post. and is not realistic. let's demand an answer yes. let's be blind and ask for miracles no thanks
  9. Blade & Soul Rules of Conduct 18. You will not exploit any bug in Blade & Soul and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Blade & Soul. Bugs should be promptly reported via 'Support' at "We are streamers who just stream the game" yea yea come on just 2 or 3 days you know you deserve it. But even so I think you did well in showing and im grateful you did. I think I was quite clear. and yes i just blame NCS you are comparing with other regions but we all know that the other regions have better teams and do a much better job. you think this team will get competent and will gain skills they showed under 4 years they dont have. (that's why I say it will take time) They need more ppl or more competent ppl and be more independent from KR this take time dont changes overnight.
  10. Nagisa Yuki i have agreeing with your posts and I think what has been going on was well deserved and had to be done to get the attention of NCS. But now you're making yourself a little naive. it was obvious that this was going to happen (ban ppl some innocent) NCwest has many problems and incompetences but also is truth the team they have it does not have the resources and the competence to do the job in conditions. So the answer they give is the expected they are in panic mode dealing with the situation. Now you are asking for a very complicated problem that has years to be resolved overnight. sorry but that will take time. But I agree when you say they are still not listening. communication is a problem that they can easily solve. Show that they care about the game that they are going to change and start applying your own rules and fix the game they can start showing now. For exemple give you and NeroKoso a few days Ban (not permanent just a few days) showed that they are listening and they were going to change. because what you guys did in the streams is clearly against the rules.
  11. Okay listen here sunshine...

    Grimoir you dont make any sense in your answers. you really only come here to do this intentionally. anyway keep up your good work
  12. Okay listen here sunshine...

    LOL you are amazing! I give a concrete exemple where NCwest is responsible and does nothing for months and you just give me that answer trying to ignore and protect your love. epic dude. just like you did with your first comment to Nagisa Yuki At least you didn't accuse me of things I said I didn't do like you did to Nagisa Yuki LOL And no I'm not talking specifically about EU. I'm specifically criticizing NCwest. Is NCwest work listen to our complaints and do something about it. or this is not part of they job either? ya KR has to come here to hear our complaints now. when people complain is because they want a better gaming experience no one really wants to know who is to blame they just want a better game. whose fault is it that's just excuses ppl start making. But when NCwest do that on stream is just why? what need do they have to start pointing fingers? is this the kindergarten? YOU START NO YOU START NO YOU
  13. Okay listen here sunshine...

    for how many months F5 has been broken in EU and working perfectly in NA. will you tell me this is KR fault and we have to wait KR to fix this? some things may be KR's fault but you guys have been using this excuse for everything in months. when players start making these excuses I don't agree but I understand but when NCS team starts using these same excuses on stream is just sad and shows lack of professionalism. have been removed? and what happened to players? nothing as usual?
  14. Okay listen here sunshine...

    people without arguments throwing generic insults right. this world is crazy. go get some rest and learn to argue.
  15. Okay listen here sunshine...

    look someone got mad. still bad analogy because when the employee is incompetent yes you have to scream and complain to get the attention of someone competente. so yes when NCS doesn't do its job or does a bad job ppl has to complain in the forum. and yes in this forum not in KR forum is NCWest job listen to us and answer our complaints.
  16. Okay listen here sunshine...

    in case you didn't notice NCwest is the Customer servisse. but whatever you want genius
  17. Okay listen here sunshine...

    I know it was not intentional but you just showed how incompetent this team is. even though you trying to always make excuses with KR is who has the responsibility and this team cant do nothing. (bad KR doesn't come here update the known issues topic) months? you really like to pretend you are naive. we are talking about years and you know that very well. no he should not stop complaining because we all know that reporting ends up with NCS doing nothing. (but damn it let's blame KR for this too) how many posts have been made to complain about it. that ppl reports bugs / players with evidence and all this years NCS does nothing. you just don't want to see posts like this in the first page because you think it's bad advertising. let's continue this tactic of trying to shut these ppl up and remove these posts from the first page as soon as possible. has been giving great results. right? just look the topic "lewd\ nudes profile pics" was closed so fast with the same excuse as always. and let's all pretend we don't know that NCS won't punish these players
  18. I love you BNS

    don't get frosted. realize that critique can be good and blind love is 100% bad in everything Realize that this game have lots of problems and is very poorly managed and deserves most of the criticism
  19. My first whale experience

    No I'm pretty sure they do a lot worse
  20. But even so I gave more evidence that you. that just send a random statement. Go check the ranking in this game and you can see the skill of this ppl in F2 lol yea and u give us easy mode? NCS because this game is all about your skil right Sr this game just 1v1 and 3v3 is about skill and even this one is debatable if it goes against other classes. let's be generous and say 5% of the game is about how skilled you are.
  21. Is all about how skilled you are
  22. Cross-Server Lobby 'Channels'

    May be true but it sounds like a big BS All this time and just now that F8 is most of the time dead people notice it.
  23. Fresh Server EU

    No Offense but you guys look like monkeys. see and want imitate look only at the state of the game and the server do you really think is a viable option.
  24. two weeks and no fix really NC it's that hard make ppl download SK files when you guys do maintenance. You should be waiting for KR to send you the files right. (once the new trend is blame KR for everything) Can at least tell us the file name and the lucalization? So we can fix your mess. i have the game on two PCs and could easily fix tha mess.
  25. Scion's Keep but not for everyone currently has a bug if for some reason you installed the game last week you can't get in Scion's Keep. Yo Cyan when are you guys going to fix it? No compensation for this ppl?