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  1. I agree that with the amount of players, the amount of venture tokens were too much. But to replace it with 50gold seems a bit on the minimum side. 50g is around the same amount that u get from 2 dungeon quest. Seems like a weird tradeoff to me.
  2. I just logged in and Den of the Ancients works again for me! Thanks for the continuous updates in this forum! 🙂
  3. Yes, you're absolutely correct that people just run rampant on the forums, also people that do not play anymore and just start toxicity, and I absolutely disgust it. My goal for this forum was not to be toxic, but just state a general issue. I hope that is how I got the point and message across at least 🙂
  4. No I am not, I'm a veteran player, and I know it's been like this for years, but since he's new I do not want to start blasting him and blame him it's been like this, because it's not his fault. Thank you for the reaction and even further discussion in this thread. Possibly seen from a lot of answers we're not used to this kind of forum activity, so I think this is a big step in the good direction regarding communication with us! 🙂 I'll stop with the tagging, it's probably a lot of extra stuff besides everything you need to get used to right now. I hope everything else y
  5. Hello @Green Storm Since the game does not have GMs online, the forums have been the place to ask or complain about stuff regarding the game. Back in the day, and not even too long ago, we'd see activity of some NCSoft employee in the forums answering some forum questions/complaints every single day. But right now when the community needs you guys the most, there's nothing to be seen or heard, like the community is unimportant to this company. Every day people are leaving the game or playing very minimally due to the fact of in-game changes are applied but not explained, and when people ask
  6. Bring back old dungeons please yes! I miss the good old dungeons 😞
  7. Just because these incompetent ncsoft emplyees cannot do it, while discords have the patch notes shared, I'll just post the summary of the patch notes here: Feb 9 Patch ※ Valentines Event ✶ Vial/Pet Pack 2/week ✶ Steelbreaker Critical Primer 2/week ✶ Synthesis Stone 1/week ✶ Burning Etching Stone 3/week ✶ Outfit Contest Winner - Limitless Wings ※ New Solo Dungeon - Sanctum of Masters ✶ Insignias ✶ Unity Chests ✶ New Charms ※ New Skill Point Achievements ✶ 10 Additional Points can be Acquired ※ Heart Upgrade will only use Sterling Scales for all Tier ※ Item Lim
  8. I wouldn't even be surprised at this point but that would be the biggest dickmove ever xD
  9. I honestly agree with that it looks like they are intentially making it harder and worse just so more people quit and eventually just shut it down, they really don't give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about anything and don't even know what we use for upgrades or either what our gold income is compared to KR.
  10. Hello, It's been weeks since one of the patches completely destroyed Den of the Ancients for everyone that cleared it once before (people that never entered before can get in the dungeon). Since it's part of soulboost, you guys should have this on your top priority as, if I remember correctly, you need 21 daily quest completions, which takes 21 days. As we also do not get compensated for this, with for example 7 free clears on soulboost each week it is not fixed (which is in my eyes the only real compensation that can be given for this issue). People will have everything in the soulboost
  11. I'm fearing the same, and it would be a big mistake if that would happen.
  12. I'd argue that the Special XP Charms and Sterling reputation charms are useful items, UNLESS you are either unity 210 or HM40. Even if it's not a lot, every bit of experience in both level and unity counts. There is no cooldown either so I'd take them everyday. This does not mean they are the best ofcourse! 🙂 Regarding the Searing Grandmaster's Etching Stone. All in all I'd find them useful too. As you stated with the Chromatic Threads, there's not many ways to obtain these higher rank etching stones. Yes, they do take materials, but you might get that sweet mystic and you'll forget about t
  13. On top of all the typo's in the entire patch notes, the information that Evolved Stones would become limited after the event was also completely forgotten. So not only do they mistype half the information, they also forget to add very crucial info, it's ridiculous.
  14. The only way people could have known this was happening (me and maybe some others here included) is because they are in Alice KR discord server and read the patchnotes from there. They stated in the summary of patch notes that evolved stones would be limited after the event ended. The actual patch notes indeed do NOT say this anywhere. It's a scandal it's changed like that without notifying everyone about this sudden change. Outrageous.
  15. Okay jesus I did not write this to make u feel super attacked. You replying so aggressively and even attacking me 10x more than I was doing doesn't make it better. I take back what I said, it might be a ripoff, yes, I agree. But then again, this is NCSoft you're talking about, so I hope you're not surprised about them adding more paywall stuff. It's been like this for a long time, and it'll get worse most likely. I do not want to cause fights in this thread as I, indeed, misunderstood the purpose of this thread. Hope you can ignore my previous post, thanks 🙂
  16. First of all, open your eyes before you start crying. The battle plaque is 2400 ncoins, the BUNDLE is 4400 ncoins, if you want to cry about the price at least pick the actual price. Second, if the battle pass does not satisfy you, just don't buy it and go on. No one is forcing you to buy a battle pass. I understand that people literally want to cry about everything this company does, but don't throw in ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lies to make it even worse.
  17. xD imagine crying that others are "cheating". Just cuz the majority does it, doesn't mean everyone does, stop being so single minded. Can we have this topic terminated @Hime? These 'fights' have been going on ever since the huge forum about implementing an anti-cheat became a thing. This forum just causes unnecessary drama.
  18. People that agree that UE3 has to come back because Koldrak is unplayable due to server lag are people that have no idea what kind of HELL UE3 was. As said above, you might not have had server lag that much, but instead you had 1-2 fps, like that was a good time. You've no idea and a lot of you probably have only played UE4 thinking it cannot have been worse in UE3, but believe me and others, it was a lot worse.
  19. First of all, you can literally get PvP gear now with the tokens from Circle of Sundering and Den of the Ancients. Even though it's starting gear, everyone has to upgrade their gear, not expecting to get highest gear for free to compete with non f2p players. For PvE, it purely depends on how fast you want to progress. If you don't care about gear too much then you can easily farm what you need and slowly get vials/petpacks and whatever you need. Especially with the C2A event that we had, you can clear HM dungeons (I would recommend either HoI, TC or FoE). Yes, it will take time, you will ha
  20. Hi, If you're making an emergency maint, at least state everything you'll change/remove. For example, the armorers remnants tab in dragon express is just completely removed, while not stated in the announcement. Also, regarding the same topic, it had NEVER happened before that previous event currency couldn't be used anymore right after the event ended. All in all, this is such a stupid way to treat your community, as we're missing out on those already rare vials and other rewards even more now with the armorers remnant page gone. Most people enjoy your game, make them keep these feelings
  21. Dailies aren't originally supposed to be done solo, so why expect them to downgrade dailies so hard everyone with story gear can solo it. And as said before, if you're too lazy to learn basic attack rotations, then go play another game. In regards of raids, go pick up the torch and start your own raid and find people that wanna join and learn mechanics. It is actually quiet fun to learn raid mechanics and gives an idea what it is all about. There are loads of videos showing/explaining mechanics of raid bosses so you already have a head start compared to when it just came out and people ha
  22. Yea, EM and NM 25% and HM 10% HP decrease. I don't know details about damage. Stop being a whining player and expect them to nerf dungeons so that you can oneshot them, go play another game if you expect that from an MMORPG.
  23. I thought the same until I ran Forest of Echoes, that must be the worst ENG voice in the game XD
  24. Thanks for the response! If it's only a little decrease it should be fine 🙂 We will see the changes after maintenance 🙂
  25. This is a very good overview of what is currently happening in the game. Especially regarding new players, they will join an environment full of cheaters in both PvP and PvE, which would make it so they'd leave the game soon enough because there's no Game Guard activated and allows people to cheat without consequences. Us regular players are indeed getting tired of the fact that cheaters are ignored, leaving us demotivated to continue players because cheaters are taking over anyways. This topic really needs some serious thought and could return the game to a cheat-free environment. @H
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