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  1. Orange quests

    Oh I see, that helps a lot thanks so much. I had't touched this game in over two years before there were even any western servers and now I am all turned around. Thanks again!
  2. Orange quests

    Hey guys, I tried going into the faction chat to ask this but they all seem preoccupied with Lyn waifus. I need to know are all Orange Quests solo-able? I just completed the story and was looking to complete the side stories (orange) till I got to chapter 6 (Emperor's Tomb-Chapter 6: Rage and Ruin). I'm stuck on a rather difficult dungeon I'm starting to doubt can be done one man at my level (60 HM11). Are some of these orange quests meant to be done as a party or should I level up some more before undertaking it?
  3. Cannot access game after April 10 Maintenance

    How did you fix this?