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  1. You don't. It's for whales and people with TT gear. No one below 1.34m dps can clear those, (althought it is possible with 1.28-1.3m dps if you get the burst right at the beginning and end). I'm also a new player, currently FM sitting at Dawnforged 6 with 1.3k AP and can do nothing. Useless event overall for 90% of the playerbase.
  2. Thanks

    New/Returning player here. That's exactly the biggest problem. They give us a weapon which becomes completely useless to us, as it gives us +160is AP and literally nothing else. (Mind the crit buff ofc and the skill buffs) Giving us 1 OP legendary when most of the damage today comes from the whole gear as a set with the legendary effects/buffs which don't effect our shown stats before they get activated does nothing. With the weapon provided I have 1.5k AP but still only do 500-700k stable dps instead of the literally required 1.3-1.4m+ to clear the events. If they want to help people clear these, they could provide (DUNGEON SPECIFIC) gear, meaning you can only use it in certain dungeons and not able to take it out from there, as having a full TT+ geared character for even 1 hour which does 1.5 or even higher stable DPS even for 1 hour a day would completely *cricket* BnS and it's current content over. Still makes no sense to create an event which only 10-20% of the playerbase can do.
  3. Rest in peace FM

    As an FM main, I'd really advise you to go full fire even from the beginning. Ice is straight up useless in PVE having close to 0 dmg compared to fire. In PVP you either learn to play against every single class differently as Fire or switch to Ice and be useless in Battlegrounds cause you got gear for fire FM and not Ice :D
  4. More difficult events are good!

    Actually, The "Main reward" should be the most rewarding while the "Alternate reward" should be something for higher levelled/geared people. As a returning/new player, noone is able to complete the event which gives the most to someone in not TT gear. Sure, getting Hepta gems is nice, but hey there's Octa's you can get from the event as well which you can make into OP Tri or Sqs which new players would definitely find useful in catching up to the higher geared people instead of being secluded in a "Oh you're weak so you can't get the OP stuff anyway" bubble. Even as a returning/new player, I do agree there could/should be events which are tougher (maybe a HM mode like this time, or you know... something this game has none of... mechanically challenging content! :D Yes. I'm aware everything 1 hits you in the event dungeon unless you can press your Q and E once every 30 seconds), but the tougher content shouldn't give things which new players can definitely use. Let it give TT soulshields, Onyx scales, Grand Celestial steel, stuff from TT and costumes, which the higher end of the community would need, but alts/new players will (at that very moment in time of having close to 0 gear) useless (I'm aware that TT soulshields are OP AF to a new player, but they should still be "forced" to farm something other than materials so the content doesn't die).