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  1. You are told when logging in for the first time on a new account to create a pin.
  2. I dont really see any problems with this event. Except i cant get the wings :( But i really dont mind that high geared players can obtain the better loot. where lower geared players can only get the smaller rewards. So many events have come by where every player could have gotten some really sweet loot. A new player might have problems clearing stage 1-3 on longgui and i advice NC to maybe nerf the health of those abit, but leave stage 4 as it is. That way new players can still get the 1h event wep and get the other emblems for rewards.
  3. You get 2 feathers from completing CS and 2 more feathers from completing Mandate. 2 more feathers if u defeat 2nd boss in CS through orb. so thats 6 feathers in 1 day u can get if doing all 3 bosses. First boss in CS after been defeated a merchant will spawn. from him u spend the feathers and buy these boxes.
  4. Easy event dung can be cleared by everyone. Not that hard. But stage 4 longgui is not something everyone can clear due to the enrage timer. Still need a certain amount of dps for that.
  5. I dont mind that the better rewards goes to those that can complete it. But i do hate that the only way to get the wings (which i really wanted) is with resurgence emblems, My gear is not where i can complete stage 4 turtle or the hard event dung. So those wings wont be mine this time, but i sure wish they would make it so all cosmetics could be bought with both currency emblems. Rest of the rewards im fine with how they are.
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