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  1. Pet collection system - hell no!

    Everyone seems to throw around p2w everytime there's anything paid to get something a person not paying can still obtain. What pay-to-win used to mean was very simple, "paying for an item that increases your stats beyond what someone can obtain normally" IE non-tradeables that give an advantage no matter how big/small. BnS I would say is a model that you pay to boost IE "whales". Saying "can f2p get them? Theoretically." is just deceiving, it's not theoretical, an f2p person can get them just takes more time than buying them (obviously) regardless of the time it takes to get them freely vs buying them is whatever. The cash shop isn't meant for people that have 0 intention of paying the developers/publishers of a game yet (from what I can tell and aside from membership) everything in the NCoin shop is able to be bought in the HM Coin shop. "Is it meant for a f2p? Nah." Again,'s meant for everyone in the game otherwise things wouldn't be in the HM shop, character slots, pets, fashion etc. and instead would be NCoin only and if you want it you need to pay 500m gold to someone that spent X amount of money, instead it's, grind X hours of things you're probably gonna do anyway to get X coins to get said item while making in-game gold. If you don't have the time to grind in an MMORPG then DON'T PLAY A FLIPPIN' MMORPG!! Simple. I came from old school MMORPGs and have been playin' em since 2000. And tbh BnS plays and feels more like what nowadays is a private server than official which is a good thing, only bad thing is drop rates are obviously set for official.