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  1. Already Used lvl 50 voucher, STUCK

    Yeah that's what probably happenned. Is just that i remember that i ones got a lvl 50 voucher and used it, but hadn't done more, but im probably mistaken, or it was in other acc that i had. thx anyways.
  2. Already Used lvl 50 voucher, STUCK

    Im going to delete that character cuz i really need to make one, but if you wanna see some proof, its right here.
  3. So, i already used a lvl 50 voucher that i had a time a ago but at that time i didn't end the proces, so i made the character with the voucher but i had not done any training or anything. So the problem is that now it asks me for a level 60 voucher when i try to leave the training room. Is there anything that i can do?