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  1. my friends quit bns

    First time I post maybe in this forum and I've been since release I am tired of p2w, it is a lie that you can farm and catch up, I made an alt, I farmed like 6 hours a day and was insane, so much time, to barely get from questing and f8s slow promoting parties about 90g a day and it still was nothing, 1 accessory small upgrade = 600g, 1 small weapon upgrade = another 600g and need like 30 upgrades for all without counting the soul, and you say you can farm all? do it, try yourself and you see it is impossible, you win more money working in real life and buying a better game with $5 aka RUNESCAPE where I am moving now cuz Im tired this is not an MMO anymore I pay 5 USD in RS and I get all and feels rewarding here I do an endless stupid quest and doesn't reward a sht and whales dominate all this game sucks now at least in runescape graphics won't be as good, but hey, they have all adapted to their graphics, here you have a naked idiotic bikini costume next to a horrible bad clipped rock/stone/endless textures unmatching enviroment that have been ugly looking since game opening and they won't fix it and also at least RS is a true MMO this SHT became ''Blade and Soul'' to ''Pay for your SOUL in game or have fun playing endless hours for no progress and stupid updates by releasing you content to farm for like 6 months aka EXAGONAL PINK GEM IN dragon raid for months to upgrade it to epta and suddenly release shitty p2w events and get it to triangular in 1 day by cashing screw all in the face of f2p and use the whales money for android games in KR'' quit it guys seriously this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is dying only stubborn whales will remain here cuz their pride of having cash endless $$$ in this thing won't allow them to quit this stupid thing, you end up paying WAYYYYYYYYYYY more than what your gear is worth at the end you dont farm the farming harvesting is literally 5% of what you invest in $$ quit this game is no worth it anymore