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  1. This is just my scrambled opinion. There are dungeons that I could complete playing solo without begging or waiting for a party. If the rage timer were not there we could do these dungeons faster. Even if you get a party together and the party wipes, that's time wasted and you have to start all over again. I could complete the solo event for the third turtle boss in Mushin's Tower if there wasn't a rage timer. Why does everything have to be about DPS/rage timers and not about skill? DPS is not a skill. Rage timers are a horrible idea and it prevents a wide range of players from partying in the game to run these harder dungeons. Everyone wants you to have whale gear strong enough to kill the boss as fast as possible so that they don't wipe and have to start all over. This is going to discourage every new player who can't DPS fast enough with low tier to beat the timer when they could do it without the rage timer. Maybe they like these ridiculous grinds and speedy timed runs in Asia but we don't like it here in the West. There needs to be a backdoor for casual players and solo players who would enjoy the game so more and continue playing a lot more often if rage timers weren't in the way. Wiping the party with boss rage timers and stat requirement to party for dungeons is a good way to kill a game. These Eastern MMO's just can't get it right. Everything is segregative. I can't stand sitting in a lobby waiting for a party when I am capable of completing a dungeon if there were no rage timer. As for one time purple heroic daily dungeon quests, there should be reset items for them all or just make the quest repeatable with the quest rewards. We're playing the game on the party schedule and not our own. In FF-VI SNES/Chrono Trigger, we started out alone as a main character, then we got more party members through progress to aid in battle. They didn't leave the party or quit playing the game or have to go to work etc. They were always there when you wanted to play. If there was at least an NPC recruit feature where you could hire NPC party members that would be a great option for players/clan members with conflicting schedules. The fun level of this game is about a 3 out of 10 for me mainly because I can't stand the hassle of finding a party. I was gaming in Arcades before gaming ever went to console/PC but it was more fun back then even with 8bit. Come on NCsoft West, start talking to the devs in Asia and save your game and ours as well. Regards.
  2. I look for online info for Warden and I delve through endless search results never have the answer I need. It's either opinion, conflict of style play and outdated forums. I searched for Mystic Badges and Soul badges the other day on bns tree but Warden was not added to the data base. Screenshots of accs, badges or whatever would help a lot. If we could just see all of the items and everything... are there any resources that someone could recommend? I mean like the whole gearing options for everything. Wow, how I miss the old paper back guides that you could buy that had every single item and everything down to the last potion listed, how to get it, where to get it, what you need to get it, the enemy you had to kill to get it. Internet guides suck, scattered abroad. 150 search results and forums... that's half of the problem right there. I don't have time for this clicky click world. Are there any PDF's for this? What a wind striding nightmare.
  3. Server Consolidation — May 1

    Merging servers means that the game is nearly dead or about to die. Merged servers within 4 years?
  4. Sparkling Starcaller Chest in the Hongmoon Store

    I don't want to offend anyone or be rude either but why can't ncsoft just sell us the items that we want to buy? I would gladly pay for something that I know I'm going to get even if it was pretty expensive. This is not a game, it a virtual gambling casino, except most people really can't afford to to play. Most people are broke trying to attend school, pay their bills and survive in the real world. Gambling is a bad marketing strategy. More people would spend their money if it wasn't all about rng with a better chance to get struck by lighting than to win virtual items without spend so much money. It's so bad. You'd think the devs would want their game to last for at least 10-20 years with a large player base. Blade & Soul does a lot of things right in some aspects but gambling is not cool. "How to kill your game...with RNG." I don't know what they're think at ncsoft. They could make more money with other methods than gambling. I wouldn't be surprised if many countries start going the way of Belgium. This is huge and ncsoft could go down the drain if they get hit with a lawsuit. Gambling is illegal in many countries.
  5. Marketplace Temporarily Unavailable 2019 [SOLVED]

    I got just the marketplace to work somehow. I went into Control Panel> Internet Options> Security Tab. I enabled protect mode for each zone in the security tab> (Internet, Local intranet and Trusted sites). Then in the Privacy tab I clicked (Allow Pop-ups from secure sites) and I set cookies to medium setting for the internet zones. Then I opened Windows Firewall in Control Panel, clicked (Allow programs to communicate through Windows Firewall), clicked change settings, then I enabled the BranchCache for Content Retrieval, Hosted Cache Client and Hosted Cache Server. I also changed my network adapter settings. Unchecked TCP/IPv6 and left the TCP/IPv4 checked. I'm running my VPN, Virus Program, Windows Firewall and Windows Defender and everything is working fine with BNS. I submitted a ticket to BNS support and they never responded with any help. They just sent me a link to their support page. From there I typed "Marketplace Temporarily Unavailable" and there were no results for the topic. I'm like what the hell is going on here? I hope my post here will help out other players if they have this problem as well. I really appreciate your help Grimoir. I have no other games that I want to play atm. I was about to leave my ticket up for account deletion but I came back and reinstalled today out of shear boredom to see if I could get this problem fixed. I'm surprised that I did it. Have a great day
  6. I just started playing again on 3/16/19. I deleted my first account and reinstalled this year after all of the hype that I heard over "improvements". Now the Marketplace says "Temporarily Unavailable" every time that I punch F5. This is a game killer. I read forums looking for a solution. I tried everything that worked for everyone else. I even clicked around to fix all of the crazy update errors that no one else could figure out but it doesn't work for me on Win7-64 OS. I doubt this problem will be fixed unless I get BNS tech on the phone. I doubt that it's a DxDiag problem and I'm not reformatting for this. Maybe a network connectivity issue with the BNS servers and IE Microsoft firewall etcetera... I didn't have this problem before.
  7. Afther Launcher Update FPS problems

    That sucks. I honestly don't think this game is going to survive much longer. This is the second time I've uninstalled BNS because I'm having too many problems. 5G...two get the point. I'm choking on black pills. What is fun anymore?
  8. NCLauncher 2 deleted BnS

    That sucks. I uninstalled bns a few days ago.
  9. Marketplace Temporarily Unavailable 2019 [SOLVED]

    No. I'm just running the game normally. My ping varies from 115 - 180. I don't try to modify anything. I play the game as it was developed to be played. Nothing from NCSoft is blocked by my VPN, virus program, windows firewall, windows defender or by my ISP. It's a network issue. I played BNS last year while running my VPN, virus program and everything. I'm not disabling any firewalls or anything and risking my security for a game. BNS needs to get this taken care of. I'd be making some phone calls, setting up tech meetings and firing who ever wasn't doing their job to fix all of these bugs if it were my company. They're intelligent enough to fix this. We shouldn't have to do it ourselves. Thanks for the reply Grimoir.