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  1. Requesting fair compensation for the Loss of Purchase DuelMasters 1 day ago Hi. My name is "DuelMasters" ("DuelMasters" is also my main IGN and I have 12x other alts) Submission of this tickets date is 2021- Jan - 14th NZDT I am writing this ticket to request a fair compensation for the total cost I've lost for purchasing brilliant sealing charms for purchasing of True Tiger Souls ,which I would have not lost otherwise if i were to buy the todays bundle deal at 2399NCoin Bundle in (f10). This might be a long story w, so I've divided them into 4 sections. -
  2. Hello everyone. My name is "DuelMasters" I've been playing this game for 3 years (since 2018) and this is what happened. (Read the screen shots) -In Conclusion- If there are other players out there who didn't get any compensations, remember this: It is better to work/study 8 hours and get paid/acquire knowledge 8 hours worth in IRL than to play BnS for 8 hours and get no IRL money and no progression IRL. (Unless you are a Gold Seller and makes over $2k USD per week) You chose to spend some Money in this game? That's your choice. And you got the result u expected. Yo
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