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  1. Game doesn't launch

    exacly the same here! and when i resinstalled the launcher i just lost ALL MY 40GB GAME, and had to download it again, and now, when i try to download i'm having the 5385 error :C
  2. New launcher

    I've been playing bns with 2 friends, have like 3 month, and when the new launcher came up, i felt that i should not got it yet because i already had issues installing the old launcher, so i prefered to stay on the old one, but yesterday u guys dont leave us a choice, the old launcher just gone, and i was forced to install the new one, so i installed it, and guess what? i just could not start the game, i clicked on start game and NOTHING HAPPENS, so i tried to reinstall the launcher and guess what? I LOST THE ALL GAME FROM MY HD XDDD 40gb to trash, but i like this game and tried to download it one more time, but the new laucher just dont work, keep giving me the 5385 error and this is happening with my 2 friends too, and a LOT of people on my guild, so i think i will just accept that, after trying so different ways to run this laucher (alredy put launcher on Firewall and windows defender exclusions but not worth, and i'm leaving the game now, so sad, so much time to trash, but the tip is for the company, this type of problem is very, VERY frustrating, just lost my desire to play, because there is nothing that i can do anymore :c
  3. Game doesn't launch

    i've just downloaded the new launcher2, so i couldnt run the game for some reason, so i tried reinstall the launcher, but for some mistake i reinstalled all game, and now i'm trying download it again, but i'm getting that message :failed to download the file (5385), and i dont have that bitdefender, just the windows 10 defender, can anyone help me please, i alredy put launcher app on exclusion on firewall/defender
  4. Game doesn't launch

    same here! :C
  5. game does'nt start after use new launcher

    actually i'm having this exacly same problem, anyone know how to fix it???
  6. today i was forced to use the new laucher because the old one looks like doesnt work anymore, so i downloaded it, installed, but when i click "Start game" nothing happens.... any solutions???