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  1. Becii's Free Presets

    Jin Female / Ginger
  2. Becii's Free Presets

    Lyn Female - Dark / Blue
  3. Becii's Free Presets

    Gon Female - Pale / Red
  4. Becii's Free Presets

    Yun Female - Darkish / Purple
  5. Becii's Free Presets

    Jin Female - Pale / Red
  6. Becii's Free Presets

    Yun Female - Dark/ Blue
  7. Becii's Free Presets

    Since I love to create chars and I got some compliments on my own chars I tought I will upload my not used here feel free to use and adapt ^.^ I try to keep it clean and only put a small pic "outside" in the spoiler u find more detailed pics. You should find a downloadfile in every post, if not dont hesitate to ask me. In case you need a Guide how to use presents:
  8. The Yun thread

    My main she is Forcemaster ^.^ (also once pic with an npc yun so u can see how small she actuall is <3 )
  9. Cant see Clan invite

    So my clan cant inv my FM, they see it as inv and I have the icon for new stuff on the clanicon but I cant see any inv (see picture) Intressting is that it was first a Souldfighter they person who inv me said, and indeed I had a soulfighter with this name but I deleted it weeks ago already and made this Char last week.. pls help dont wanna be lonly ._.
  10. New launcher

    So Im installing the game on a pc at my parents place and I keep getting an error that a file cant be installed, I confirm this and klick update again after a few % I get another error again und I again press update and so on.. I make progress but rly slow and I have to babysitt my pc for it.. why?! ( I had the same issue on my own pc where the game was already installed but only like 5 times here Im already over 20 times doin this..)
  11. New launcher

    for me it hopped from a few MB to over 2GB now I just see what it brings I mean ive a rl aswell so I dont mind to bad ^^ still its annoying af Im running it as admin already
  12. New launcher

    I keep getting errors for the language packs first french now german idk what to do q.q I only want english :<
  13. I just wanted to give my alt some soup for the xp suddenly, I couldnt even react, all my items went on her. Also including outfit items that get charbound that I wanted to reserve for another char q.q (not same Mail) and no I didnt press that Retrieve Items button I went to the Soup said 1 time and suddenly all was in the inventory pls help q-q