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  1. So the Lyn Warden is coming along to Blade and Soul and I am quite excited for it! After that we could have Lyn Assassins and Lyn Destroyers. Kind of like what they did in Elin Online. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Do you get tired of facing players who are leagues more experienced than you (derankers who were gold or higher) and who beat you faster than you can say 'CHEATER'!? Do you get tired of having a bad matchup with bots who are advanced enough that they outplay you at every turn? Do you get tired of losing more matches then you win because of these things and no matter how hard you try, you can't win? Fear not, for there is a good way ncsoft could help inexperienced players out. And that is to give us the option to quit our matches. Yes thats right, you heard me correc
  3. Heck yea! Can't wait to get Lyn wardens. Can you imagine how awesome and epic it would be? Imagine my Lyn warden just chilling out, drinking and eating dumplings before saying to their teammate "hold my drink, I'm going in dry." And then go out there and destroy mushin, yura and then grabbing ryu to bend him over and give him the spanking of his life with your giant sword. None of them would ever dare betray you again. Then next we would get Lyn Destroyers and Lyn Assassins. It would be epic!
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