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  1. @Hime soo, as one person already mentioned, i did the same thing. I bought about 200 outfits and 200 pets (not pet pods and i havent transmuted them into pet pods), off F5 and off faction chat. I have bought them for different prices, pets from 5 to 30g each, outfits from a few gold to hundreds of gold for each, dependng on when i bought them. I have invested probably about 10k gold in this. So does this mean that i will only end up getting back the outfits I legally obtained long time ago before the exploit, and that i wont get back outfits nor gold i spent on F5 buying those, even
  2. So you have given yourself a freedom of removing all the items we have legally obtained through years, for some cashed out and for some with gold and HMC?? What is this? You went on and removed the Rosethorns i payed thousands of gold for back in February-March and spend tens of chromatic threads on customizing them? You have removed all the stuff i legally bought off F5 or faction in past few weeks? Really??? If you are doing something then do it properly, remove the illegally obtained stuff, no problem, but removing stuff i payed for and not giving me gold back? Thats called a STEAL and a RO
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