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  1. Making it equalized gear was a great idea, but I feel the time frame to join is way too long. If you get to join like 10 mins left you'll hardly find enough people to start the game. probably 12 at max and they'll start leaving after 5 minutes completely wasting your time.
  2. The mask drops from those statue cats not the robber
  3. Agreed. But I must say I have seen more costumes in F10 recently than before and I'm happy with that.
  4. I think you have a problem with your hard drive, probably bad sectors, the game comes near to them and can't read them, so it freezes. Check its status with crystalmark disk.
  5. wow you got a lot of time. For a new player I recommend you to stick with the easy DC runs. like CB, MSP, CS and others. KFM is ping dependent if you are playing as a tank, otherwise is not a big deal, I think flame build is less ping dependent (idk for sure). And watch up some guides, find some friends to play the game with and don't get mad for the AP requirements you'll understand them sooner or later.
  6. Quitaron las blues quests hace unos meses, lo que quiere decir que ese outfit pasó a la historia. No hay ninguna forma por el momento de conseguirla
  7. +1 on marriage system because I want to marry a 60cm lyn with my 8ft tall gon
  8. That would have being fun but as you say we end up with better gear now and those dungeons are just a checklist for the DC and that's why new players don't even recruit for that, usually you just LFP for free carry runs. And I didn't said screw the new content, it's nice to have newer dungeons added to DC. But I don't really see the point of removing rewards for doing things in an MMORPG, this game is whole world and only few areas are populated, the only way this game rewards you for doing outdated content was the DC but now is gone. that's just really a generalization. I have se
  9. I don't really see logic in your reasoning, you say people are given freebies with low gear dungeons and at the same time pointing out that there are still some easy CHALLENGES for baleful players. So you are in the perspective of an end game player that can easily clear those dungeons but also they could clear those other easy challenges like CB, Cold Storage/Mushin, ToI. So what's the difference? should we remove also those from CD because they are just freebies?. This game is not only about end game/geared players who can run every content in the game, it's also about the new players who ju
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