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  1. I already purchased my basic legendary accessories - destiny ring - oath necklace - eternity belt stage 1 so what should I get next? The earring or tiger bracelet?
  2. Yea it says here too, but idk which one, there are several weapon chests, which one is it?
  3. I accidently lost/sold my GUNWON DAGGER and I just realized it is needed to upgrade your Baleful Dagger to Stage 10, Where can you get another one?
  4. aright, my materials are a little over so idk what do u think?
  5. So yeah I currently have an Epic (Purple caption) STORMBRINGER PET AURA.. I was wondering are you going to get a legendary one till act 9 ends? because I am undecided if I should upgrade the one that I have or save the materials for a better one in the future?
  6. hahaha true I just did, Its stage 3 now. Still 7 sockets. thank you so much
  7. Okay thank you so much, so its only default image? So should I push through upgrading it?
  8. So I have a STAGE 1 Baleful dagger with 7 sockets, my question is if I upgrade it to Stage 2, will my sockets decrease to 3 sockets? because that's what the image shows on the preview. Newbie here. Thanks guys I have all the requirements so please do let me know.
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