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  1. I already applied turning screen shake off. IT WORKS ON DUNGEONS. It doesn't work for MSP This issue is totally on BNS. Like what I said, my pc runs BNS on MAX SETTINGS without lags or freezes before the new ptach. Just after this ptach (March 13) AOE Skills got bugged.
  2. Suddenly game freezes and crashes after the new update, ever since i never have problems running BNS on max settings on my pc, but after this update, it suddenly crashes. Anyone else?
  3. Since I cannot purchase NCOIN in-game, I tried doing so in the official website of BNS, After doing the steps, it only said, ORDER PLACED SUCCESSFULLY, but I haven't received any email and it also doesn't show on my transaction history both on my paypal and bns account/website. Can someone help me with this?
  4. I am trying to purchase ncoin for premium membership, I haven't even bought anything yet. The last time I bought Ncoin was around 2 weeks ago but I receive this error ERROR : PGL8012 You have exceeded a purchase limit. How to fix this?
  5. So which one is faster? 1. 75 Badges in Mushins tower 9F - 15F or 2. Finishing faction quests to reach 100 isignias ?
  6. I bought the mastery bundle, can this one still be upgraded?
  7. I actually found a free one that has no limit by evil do us harm in yt.. but still not helping... my ping so bad now in dungeons.. :/ only for bns....
  8. Okay so the stats on improved pet stays? So I can upgrade my Ghost now? Because i've seen there's awakened then theres ultimate.
  9. So currently i have the Ghost pet and altered its appearance to my Unleashed stormbringer hongmoon pet aura (mastery bundle) my question is, if i upgrade my pet skin just in case i want to change another skin will i have the materials back? or i have to redo it all over again? also just to be clear does other skins have other stats?
  10. Any tips on how we can lessen ms in the game? since we are very far from the original servers.
  11. Im done with that, that's the one that gives out draken cores.
  12. i got a few but it only gives me the raw material... 10 fragments = 1 bead... I only have 3 fragments...
  13. Best and only i suppose? Crappp I'll just purchase the earrring on celestial first, i believe these beads are very rare, its gonna waste time.. 30k peaches for the tiger brace chest is not that hard
  14. So what's the best way to farm this? just repeat mushins tower 16-20F? I'm aiming for the tiger bracelet... I need 5 beads to unlock to chest :/
  15. ugh i get stuck on 16-18F on mushin.... drops are so bad
  16. Its 7 slots, yeah ill try to farm for the events, if not ill just buy them off the store.. lol I just finished peaches, made 20k in 3.5 hours O_O I am currently doing mushin now.. Thank you so much! whats your ign? mines same as my name here Oxandrolone
  17. Im an assassin right now I have the basics baleful S10 dagger oath neck destiny ring eternity belt s2 and i bought the mastery bundle its only my 4th day on the game.. soo yea.. -
  18. So today aiming for another legendary item (basic ones) which one should I do, Tiger Bracelet (100 draken cores) or get a mystic/soul badge first (15,000 peaches) ?
  19. I agree, I am a new player, I just started 3 days ago and I play on Zulia, low level dungeons are always empty, plus arena is very empty as well, tag match never loads too :(
  20. lesser acronyms please? haha still new here its like my 3rd day lol.. I'm from NA Server Zulia division. Bracelet is 100 draken </3 haha is there other way getting that?
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