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  1. Lyn Warden (We need 12th slot like Korea)

    I completely understand 1 character on a page drives me crazy its a waste of space. We should have all slots opened up and let us do what we want with them. Its only going to keep getting repetitive with the game we should be able to try different races and classes without debating who we gonna kill off and delete. With everyone jumping ship they should give us something to play around with and distract us until they get their stuff together.
  2. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    VK option pls
  3. you said several. I doubt that is abuse :P VK option is not available during loot auction. (you cant even VK offline during loot auction). There we go some good news. +1 on VK option too much leeches in SSM and Event dgs. more income with the free lv60 vouchers. Can't report/block em all.
  4. +1 double loot peak hrs same with BG and PVP
  5. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    LFP will always be LFP whales will choose to help lowered geared players is up to them. Let's face facts if you are baleful 12 with no elemental accessories you are looking for a carry you don't want to be partied up with 5 players the same gear as you are. You are making it sounds like its a genocide of lower geared players. Troll kicking is not even a thing. Nobody does this why will it be a trend when vote to kick option? You need 5 other troll minded people to group and vote with you. :P These are besides the point. Vote to kick option is gonna be used against AFK players or to prevent. Its even hard to vote to kick offline players lol. The idea of troll kicking and lower geared genocide in LFP is just absurd. +1 VK OPTION
  6. Useless Daily Dash Space

    He is talking about the START spot. I would agree pretty useless :P
  7. Hello its 2019 Time to make a Marriage Thread!

    Marriage WHY not? :D
  8. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    I agree to this option. There is no way to kick afk players in F8 and just have to deal with them leeching (SSM). Its not the same case in SJF FAS DKV. If you are afk you get dealt with.