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  1. Try again, ff14 isnt free to play. And i never said marriage should come over everything else, i just think one day they should consider it, of course id love for the core game to be improved before fun things, but still, its cute and id like to see it
  2. Implying i want to be married irl, always the same with the gaming community a basic "lol ur a virgin nerd" type comment, shut up, we are all playing this game with jiggling boobs even when just talking to NPCs, with sexual outfits and everything else in the game, and most the men are even female characters. I'm still young i dont want to get married right noe, doesnt mean it isnt cute and something i wouldnt like in a game, im sorry most of you couldn't find someone to marry in the game or cant use it, but this game is also dying, many of you have been saying this, maybe stop being crybabies
  3. Yea and there are other actual good games and stuff with marriages that are still pretty much used, but still not made a big deal about, and guess what? Only the people who want to partake of it only care about it, it isn't required or shoved down anyones throats, its something cute and enjoyable, perhaps even read my other post. Btw that game is ff14
  4. Have you seen the outfits and quests? wym Also marriage system is for those who want it, thats why its a pay to use feature, if you don't want to, then ignore it, I play ff14 and its not like thats all there is to the game, its jsut a nice extra feature, not like it crowds or disrupts anything, but its nice and cute for those who want it Like I said even if we don't get play to player marriage, i'd like to at least date some NPCs or something, um hello??? I just don't see any negatives, if they're so worried about it flunking out, they're a big mmo company, try a beta? I
  5. OMG!! My same thought! Like fine I've seen some of the virgin killer sweater kinda cover the boobs but...they added shorts?! Why...they have other outfits with just a long sweater no shorts, why did they censor an ACTUALLY SUPPOSED to be sexy and showing skin and etc cosplay item? I'd be ok with them just removing the shorts, but I'd absolutely be estatic and love this game and definitely keep purchasing items if they also let some boobage hang out
  6. Hi I've recently become addicted to Blade & Soul, but like...why still no marriage system? Nowadays it's easy, like look at ff14 and so many many other games, its really simple, you can purchase a marriage certificate and then hold a marriage ceremony, you and another player then become married, and at the discretion of NCSOFT, the players can get bonuses with each other if they party together, or in the very least summon each other. Like I don't see why it'd be negative in any way!! Btw you can also add that you have to be a certain level before you can get married if you're worried
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