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  1. Where's The "Support"?

    Appreciate it. Thanks. I'll give it a try
  2. Where's The "Support"?

    Why? Wtf... Some people need help considering they can't even access their game to have fun..
  3. Gonna keep this simple and short. It's been probably over a year since I've played this game. I spent even 20 dollars for cosmetics. I'm trying to reenter the game and i forget my PIN number. It happens to everyone so there isn't much to complain. However, when i go to the support to submit a ticket... It brings me back to my settings page for my account? I didn't ask to be brought back to my settings.. I want to submit a ticket to reset my PIN. From reading about BnS customer support, apparently it's a joke and has been a joke for awhile. I heard people are quitting and i could see why. How u expect us to change our PIN...when some people don't remember their PIN number... Instead how about sending an email with a PIN reset so users can reset their PIN. Where is the "Support"? I guess I'ma have to go through 1 Million combinations of 6 digit pins before i figure out what my original pin was in order to change it to a normal pin i use. NCSOFT...get your stuff together and actually care for support. Fix the site or something. Idk if it's only me and I'm bitching or whatever but cmon...