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  1. ........ and this shows more u dont rly know the % just saying random stuff
  2. i think u didnt read the support respond this is not about me buying from f5 since pts in f5 r still crafted from players which means the same problem ( the mats used in pts is slightly less than half of its price so two fails equal 1 pts - the transformation stones price) 30%>40% means 30 to 40 times yeah and shouldnt be ideally it should be what happens idk where u got these numbers but it still means 3 to 4 times out of 10 (since we dont need 30 pts to get sth) and it could mean 300 to 400 out of 1k so u wanna tell me fail up to 70 times before u get a pts thats where the game should h
  3. u dont get the point i dont mind it being rng as i stated in my ticket i mind it being 9 times in a row failed and its up to 2 only times successful out of 17 times i stopped atm (its an 11% success) so how about we stop talking about comparing it to a region that have 100% success rate as other regions r way ahead of us in everything and the currency there isnt as us we play with small numbers in both gold or mats
  4. well this is not other regions what applies there cant apply here u cant be comparing both
  5. i mean thats the point of this to let the devs know that this is a big scam either they do sth about it or not,is not rly up to us
  6. tried crafting pts failed 9 times in a row then contacted support and they told me that i should post on forums and get other players feedback as well and dev team may do sth about it at this moment i tried crafting again (cause iam addicted) and its 2 out of 17 T_T
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