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  1. Obsidian Serpent outfit quest

    not all blue quests were removed from Viridian Coast though... there are still the 2 that give you the faction uniforms "and no one takes them -_-" and almost every daily is still there..."i think"?
  2. About the in-game "Take a Picture" function!

    Yes the icon that i was talking about is the same as the kiss icon when you drag it but I don't remember pressing "Ctrl + Alt" and i don't remember seeing the rest of the additional "hud/UI" that appears when you open the menu with the Emotes. Oh well, may have bean some momentary bug of the "UI" not showing correctly? Ok so it's solved then, thanks for the replay!
  3. Something weird happened just now, I was setting up my character to take a profile picture (with the normal ingame "Take a Picture" function) and the cursor suddenly changed into a circle with lips(kiss like) inside of it... So I decided to check if they added some kind of "character interaction" ? I can't even recreate it 0-0 but it looked like something promissing... If it matters (I was holding the "LMB" to rotate the character arround and moved it down from her chin to like her "chest"...) and it turned like that for a momment but by the time i noticed it i already released it and it disapeaared so I have no idea what was supposed to happen... Can I get some "explanation" ? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this I am new here... :/