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  1. Warden vs destroyer PVP playstyle

    Thanks for the the info, my heart was crushed when you said bns2 is mobile. I have decided to stick with warden we will see how it plays in 1v1s
  2. Hello, I’m new to blade and soul, And I’m deciding on playing a warden for their sweet sword or destroyer for their sweet axe. I played wow for a good 5 years and currently I am 0.7 percent top of leaderboards (arena tichondrius) Warrior in wow is a class of mobility, hard hits and sticks on opponents until they are dead. I’ve watched some videos on BNS warden and it seems like they are on the defensive for most of the duels until they get a cc obviously. And it seems destroyer is just spamming mongo just like a warrior in wow. i know bns and wow are completely different combat styles, and I like bns combat over wow, and when bns2 comes out i will be ready to dominate the arena. Should I learn the warden class ( will prob get nerfed in 1-2 months) or destroyer class. ps. I am very bad at bns I made a blademaster to 55 and lost first 6 duels obviously I understand this is a hard game to play But bm is to much goin on I feel destroyer is brain dead class and if that’s the case I’m down to Play it. Thanks everyone