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  1. Hi there, For some reason, and i heard from other people as well, my client at msp , nearly 100% of the time crashes at stage 3 around 30% if i don't restart the game before going there. Today i went 2 msp 1-6 , after a fresh client start instantly, and on the second one at the end of the 6th stage it crashed~ . Whats the reason for this? Can it be solved somehow? Or do i need to restart this amazing client after every msp ?
  2. i kinda had the same thought, the people who need those items, cant do it, the people who can do it, already have them, or even better stuff , so it doesn't really make much sense. It would be good if people with VT gear could do it, who are not ready yet for TT , and could benefit from getting 3 piece of tt SS and some mats.
  3. it would be good to be able to get it again
  4. Hello, I played bns some time ago but stopped for a year or more then a week ago i came back. I found this really cool looking outfit in the wardrobe called dark emissary. As i read about it it was an event reward at the summer. Is there any way to get it now or in the future somehow ?
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