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  1. Just hit level 55, now what?

    The only Soul Shields, the Dragon Express sells Artisanal Primers, Masterwork Critical Primers, and Soul Warden Piercing Primers. I don't see a Raven Soul Shield. I will find the Mystic Badge at the Celestial Basin? Also, what were these sun orbs for the Soul badge? I believe I'm in Yura. If I just focus on Celestial Basin and working on my 3 daily and weeklies, do you think that would be enough to build towards the items and mats I need? Moon stone and Soul Stone for mats such as HM pet and Bale weapon don't seem to come from Dailies. I'll have to search what a VT badge is. Thanks guys! DisBich
  2. Just hit level 55, now what?

    I'm a wind summoner. I've never done a dungeon run before. I've heard from several forum posts that some require 1k ap (I have 900) and an understanding of mechanics and such. Beside the AP requirement, I'm not sure what any of that means. From some forum posts it seems Irontech Forge needs a skilled party. As an unskilled player, this worries me lol. Also, did not know that gems are upgradable. Do they come as octagonal, or do they upgrade into that shape? You also mentioned gem powder? Is that what I do with my old gems from quests (the triangle and square ones) is salvage them and receive gem powder? As I am a wind summoner, which badge/ soul badge would I get? It seems I should start doing Celestial Basin quests now just to get the peaches. From what I gathered from the B&S Wiki, the Dragon Express is a shop located at the bottom of the inventory window. I hope that's correct. What are the names for these accessories? I'm also unsure of what daily quests you're referring to, there's daily quests in every map section. Skipping ahead a bit, but not 100% sure what a weekly quest is. Do you know if Naryu Tablets drop in the Naryu Labyrinth from every mob, or just main bosses? My guess is that every mat for creating Dawnforge, etc. is a boss drop, which sounds like a weekly thing, which makes me feel that could be what a weekly quest is (?). I've seen people talk about BT. Reddit says it's Sybreak Spire or Black Tower. This Reddit post says BT is old and VT (Vortex Temple, whatever that is) is newer. I apologize for my 21 questions. I find all of this pretty overwhelming and confusing, especially when I don't know the regions and slang people use, and my entire experience of B&S has been to just follow the quest line which doesn't require interaction with players. Thanks for the time and clarity you provide! DisBich
  3. Just hit level 55, now what?

    Hello friends, So I just finished the story line - (SPOILERS) it was lovely watching my character stand there as Mushin killed all of my students. Thought I was supposed to be a great warrior, not a bystander. Might as well have just sat down and popped some corn. Not at all bitter. I'm wondering how I should proceed with my game play. I'm not particularly competitive in this game so I'm not trying to be the strongest of the strong, but I would like to progress. If not, I'll just go on hiatus until they load more story line into the game (better include killing Ryu and toughening up Jinsoyun) I have questions regarding weapons, mystic badges, soul badges, adornments, and other accessories including where to get them and their materials. Weapon: I'm using Baleful Stage 9. I got the majority of mats from quests or from daily dash. I'm out of Naryu Tablets and Moonstone. I'm not sure where to farm these mats when they are all gone. -- Just realized that hovering over the mats in the upgrade path says where you can get the mats, except for Naryu Tablets. Where do I get these? I expect that I'll go Dawnforge when I can because I've heard it's less expensive. Gems: I have the ones from quests. I saw someone with octagon gems once, one of them was black. Mystic Badges, Soul Badges, and Adornment: Don't have any of these. Which ones do I get, and where? Rings, Gloves, Necklace, Belt, Earrings, Bracelet: Currently using Solak because they were the last items from quests. Where would I get better ones? Pets, Hearts, and Soul: All Stormbringer. What's better out there? Soul Shield: Mistwalker currently. I have done several searches for this, but they are either from 2017 or hard to find. I find myself most lost on where to get the items in the first place, and then where to get the mats (like the Naryu Tablet). Any help would be appreciated! DisBich
  4. Hello, I finally managed to get 8 gem slots on my Baleful. Yay, congrats! Unfortunately, somehow I transformed it into a Seraph with my void fragments instead of Baleful Stage 2 (apparently that's an option). I have 3 questions: 1) Is there an inexpensive way to change it back that won't be another 3 Void Fragments? I only have 2 left. 2) As a Wind Summoner, will leaving it a Seraph and leveling it up be a significant difference? Someone in-game told me to level it up because it "won't matter." 3) Do we need other weapons for upgrading this Legendary weapon? In the past, all you needed to upgrade a weapon was older weapons. I've been stockpiling weapons for months now waiting for this moment, and it seems all it wants are materials I've never seen before. Thanks for any help you can provide. I was excited to finally be done farming, and now this mistake has happened T-T DisBich
  5. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    I have the Brawl in the Basin quest, but it's not telling me where I can find those 3 bosses. I'm looking around Aomak Temple looking the the AG Automation. I don't see it. =\ Can the bosses be 1v1, or do I need to party with ppl? AP is 816 Found Aomak. He was some stone guy. Going to see if I can 1v1. Can be 1v1'd. Struggling to find the other 2 bosses Thanks for your help Belido!! I appreciate it a lot.
  6. Help on Raids (Grand Harvest)

    Hmm, haven't actually gone to CB since it's first introduced at lvl 50. I couldn't kill the regular mobs efficiently enough to finish the quests. Do you know the boss names/areas?
  7. Hello, I'm a new player with a weak little Wind Summoner lvl 55. I'm participating in daily raids for Grand Harvest (GH/GHR), but I never get the boss drops because I can't deal the dmg that the other raiders can. This is the third day that I've missed dailies because of my lack of damage. I've tried: Going to different channels - no ones there (takes me 15 minutes to solo one boss; spoiler - raid ends before I get a kill) Going to the night-time raid - I'm the only one there Creating a party - no one joins/they disband shortly after they accept I'm trying to get Naryu Silver to buy a 8-slot baleful/seraph (haven't figured out which one I should go for, considering I haven't tried Earth specs yet [currently using Baleful for Wind]). I do Mushin runs for floors 5-8 for the Silver, but these GH raids give more, and they'd be a brilliant addition to my dailies (Mushin's 5-8 and GHR are currently the only dailies that I run because everything else is too overwhelming to comprehend). I understand that I can buy Naryu on the Market but I feel that it's too expensive. Advice would be great. If there's really nothing I can do, I'll just settle for Mushin. Thanks, DisBich