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  1. Concerns about clan leaders ban/lock

    I am also a member of this clan belonging to the banned player that holds the position of clan leader, albeit one of the newer additions to the clan. Although my time in this clan is brief compared to the other members, the banned player in question from my interactions is the most knowledgeable and ambitious player I have come across within this game regarding it's in game technicalities, economical situations and most importantly, hard earned his high end character specs through a long road of legitimate and arduous honest means. I realize this display's to have a biased opinion towards my fellow clan member, however the attempts to reconcile and address this issue from the person himself has both been ignored entirely being closed by support without reason and still in a pending process for a reply from appeal. This gives a very unprofessional and unjust situation that has befallen our reliable leader from the support side, despite his efforts to shed light on this confusion. We hope these posts will help bring staff attention to hopefully shine a ray of hope upon this unfortunate situation to a resolved close. Thank you for taking the time to read and we await for further response to this issue.
  2. Nvm, you can all ignore this thread. I did some fiddling with the properties on the client and fixed the problem. Now its beautiful and not 4 and half graphical generations old.
  3. So my issue is purely graphical, unlike all problems I see are about fps, which I have no problem with at all. I am really puzzled as to why even when I have graphics settings at the highest of 5, turned on all extra details on, also highest settings, and with anti aliasing to boot to only still feel like I'm playing a PS2 game. Which is really weirding me out as I see other players on Youtube with Ultra settings on and it has such beautiful realism. To give a retrospect, I had a very similar issue with the Witcher 3. Also to give a bit of insight I just built this PC yesterday. Even on supposed all graphic qualities set to ultra, it had the same ps2 looking textures, but I fixed it with graphical fiddling on my drive, resolution scaling and in game settings. All ultra settings with Ryzen 7 1700x cpu with GEFORCE GTX 1070ti gpu and it runs fantastically and beautifully now. Hoping I could do the same with this and nope. Just PS2 texture nostalgia. So any tips or fixes for this? Or am I just whining and it looks like this non Ultra users? With online digging, the only similar sounding issue someone else had on this game that I have found, was during closed beta. My PC build for you tech savy people: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/CHD2FT